How To Become A Good Mentor ?

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Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Mentors are people who offer help, support and encouragement to others without any selfish attitude. Mentors share their experience and show the minute how to tackle a particular difficult situation in their life. They can either support a person with positive thoughts or supply a person with material support. Helping a person is the main aim of a mentor, either by providing mental support or by providing material help, mainly by giving money.

Experience is the plus point a mentor has. They are people who have come out successfully from a difficult situation, and are determined to help those who are facing the same kind of problems in their lives and not know how to handle them. While facing a difficult situation, we rarely find people who had faced similar situations in life and had come out with flying colors. So getting a mentor, who had passed through the situations which you have faced, is a great luck on your part.
Mentors are people who come to people’s lives when they are feeling discouraged, negative and worn out in every way. Talking to them makes the worn out person energetic, enthusiastic and bold enough to face the future.

Benefits of talking to a mentor…
Talking about your problems to a trusted person can be of great relief.
• It minimizes the stress in you.
• It clears your mind and thought process, thus making your mind fresh for solving your problem.
• The respect which you get from a mentor makes you feel special and energizes your mind.
• The tips given by the mentor can give positive results.

Becoming a good mentor…
• Mentors have to develop their listening skill since they have to know the full details of a situation before helping the mentor in solving it.
• Mentors are patient while listening. They never hurry.
• Being polite to the mentor relaxes the person a lot.
• A good mentor is always kind and has respect for others.
• Humility is a mark of a mentor. If you assume yourself as superior to others, then you will not be able to help others.
• Always provide positive thoughts to the mentor. Encourage them in every way and assure them that all is well.
• Share your experience with the mentor.
• A mentor needs to spare a few hours of their day to the mentor. If you are not able to communicate with your mentor when he/she needs you, then you are of no help to them.
• If a mentor feels that the mentor need more help immediately, advice them to take professional help.
• Mentors never push. They guide. Pushing shows that you are dominating or being bossy. Mentors show the right path…they never “force”. Mentors are people who are tolerant and always ready to correct the mentor without forcing his thoughts and ideas.
• Mentors point out the negative points of the mentor for making them perfect enough to avoid the mistakes they were doing.
• Mentors encourage even though the mentor had a very bad time and find it difficult to cope up with. The encouragements they provide help the mentor to overcome the situation pretty well.
• Mentors are those who succeed in their life and are also those who help others to succeed.

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