How To Become A Better Person ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Most of us are trying to find and understand the real meaning and purpose of our lives. The search for this truth actually ends up nowhere. One thing is for sure that even the smallest of small actions can improve our self-esteem and confidence.

Today, most people do not put much effort in improving themselves. The fact is that most of them have no time, while others think that they are ‘Perfect’ and that ‘we are what we are, and we cannot change…and if you want you can change according to us’.

Being a better person…
To become a better person, you have to concentrate on various aspects of life-it may be related to your duties towards you yourself, your attitude towards others, or maybe your duties towards the society, or being a perfectionist.
1. Your attitude towards yourself
• Think about your opinion on how a good person should be. Every person has an ‘Idol’ or role model in mind, whom he wants to be like. Point out the qualities you prefer the most. Maybe jotting it down in a paper can help it.
• Check whether you have at least one or two qualities which you have jotted down. If yes, then you will be able to improve yourself on making you a better person.
Try to implement at least one good behavior each day ‘purposefully’. Have complete faith and confidence in yourself. You can better yourself, not in a moment, but with lots of patience and by taking a lot of time. The mind must follow the change which you have made, or else, it will be difficult for you to bring it to action.
• Reevaluate yourself. Check whether you are in the right track.
• Spend more time in reading. Good reading helps you to update yourself about the society. Updating also means to help you to gaining knowledge.
• Be smart enough to find good friends. Never choose selfish friends. Take your own time in finding the best ones out of the lot.
• Discard unwanted relationships. Falling yourself for someone does not have to mean that you have to tolerate the wrong person. Respect yourself and choose the right person.
• Enjoy every day. Live in today and expect a better tomorrow. Today is your day and enjoy every moment in the right sense. Never let loose yourself to enjoy today. Be in your limits and find pleasure in even the small things in life.
• Expand your way of thinking. Narrow mindedness only leads to destruction. Keep yourself open to new experiences, thoughts and ideas.
• Educate yourself. Complete your basic studies. Go in for further studies. Make yourself qualified for everything in this world. Let this be your ambition in life.
• Before speaking, ‘think’. Never speak in a rude manner.
• Be active. Meditation and exercise can help you be active and energetic throughout the day.
• Eat healthy food. This gives you a positive vibe the whole day long.
• Better your skills. The more able you will become if you are equipped with more skills.
• Clean your wardrobe, cupboard, shelves and dispose unused articles.
• Cook a new dish each day. Try not using instant food.
• Learn a new language.
• Take initiative in using eco-friendly bags, instead of plastic ones.
• Pick up the litter on the road. It creates a sense of responsibility in you.
• Be bold and confident. Take decisions boldly, with confidence. Have confidence in mind that if your decision is wrong, you will definitely not be desperate, and that you will learn from your mistakes.

2. Your attitude towards others
• Be Kind and Compassionate towards others. Try thinking on the other person’s side and consider yourself in place of the other person. Find out what would your thought process be. If you start thinking like that, then you will dare not hurt anyone with your actions or with your words.
• Treat others as you treat yourself.
• Do not do to others the things which you don’t want others to do to you.
• Donate money to those in need. It creates a sense of satisfaction.
• Have compassion towards animals. Like humans, animals too have full right to live in this world. So, show your concern towards them.
• Cooperate with everyone. Never keep yourself away from any situation, where help is needed.
• Use of “Thank you”, “You are welcome”, “Sorry” and”Excuse me” can improve you as a better person.

3. Your attitude towards the society
• Become a better member of the society. Take part in activities that are meant for the betterment of the society.
• Become a friend to your friend. Give a helping hand to your friend in times of need.
• Be a better leader. If you are in a superior position in your office, then be lenient towards your subordinates. Always be kind and gentle to them. People like to work with a boss who is more gentle and able, than a person who tries to pressurize them always.
Become a better life partner. Never consider your spouse as someone inferior. Treating your spouse with care and love helps to develop your relationship. Give support whenever needed. During tough times, it would be very consoling if your life partner supports and stays with you firmly. The level of confidence rises up if you have the right support.
• Become a good parent. If you are a parent, then kids always need you. Be with them always-physically and mentally. Give your support and help whenever they need it. Do not pressurize them on any matter. When they are stressed, there is a tendency for them to reach for you. Be there always to support them. You can leave your official work at least once in a while to attend their birthdays or school functions. It would increase their level of confidence.
• Always be available to your siblings. A brother or a sister is someone who has spent most of the time with us during the early stage of our life. Never forget your siblings when you grow up. Keep regular contact with them. You may never know how helpful they might be when you are totally down. They know you better than you know yourself. Meet them often and talk to them at least once every day. It strengthens the bond.
• Do not talk badly about others.
• Never discriminate. Equal treatment has to be given to others. Never discriminate on the basis of their nationality, color, gender, religion, age, status in society or financial status.
• Be just. Never make your own conclusions on others.

4. Being a perfectionist
• Have faith in your ability to do things.
• Never underestimate your abilities.
• While performing any duty, do it whole-heartedly.
• Control your anger.
• Be open-minded.
• Always be positive.
• Always hope for the best.
• Negative thoughts have no place in your life or your life’s success.
• Follow good principles in life. Only a good follower can become a good leader.
• Always be grateful to others.
• Pray with sincerity.
• Be hard working.
• Always be humble.

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