How to be rich and financially free

Dr. Purushothaman
September 6, 2013

Internet is the Best way to be rich and financially free at a very young age. Well, I am not talking about some “Get Rich Quick” or “Get Rich without Hard work” Schemes here. I am talking about the realistic things. You will have to work extremely hard on the Internet to make money from it and get rich. There is no alternative for EXTREME HARD WORK.

But in comparison to the principles of Industrial age (Before 1990); People who have followed the principles of Information age and the Internet (After 1990) are getting rich faster and faster.

Let me explain by these Examples

Well, let’s see. What ways do our parents and grandparents teach us to follow to get Financial Success? Well, it is – Go to School, Work Hard, Get Good Grades, Go to College, Get Higher Degrees, Take a high paying job with the government or some large Corporation, work hard there, Retire at the age of 60 or 65 and after that the Government will take care of you by its Pension Plans, right?

So if you follow the above Industrial age advice then you will become financially free according to your parents, right? Well, but have you ever thought of where these financial advises came from? Well, they originated from the need of Businesses of Industrial Age.

During the Industrial Age, Rich owned Businesses, but in order to run those businesses they had to have skilled workers (Employees) who run those businesses. And that’s why going to school t o get good grades and find a safe and secure job was the golden advice.

Now, let us talk about people who have followed the principles of the Information age (After 1990). Well, right now many school going kids own a successful Blogs, Forums, or any other Internet Businesses. Many teen age children have invested their money in Internet most valuable Asset – The Domain Names in their accounts and some of the kids’ Net worth is literally 6 figures in Dollars if not in Millions if we count the valuation of their Web Properties.

It means that these high school going teens are wealthier (By Net Worth) than Doctors nowadays!

You may be in your forties and you have worked hard to develop Stocks and Mutual Funds portfolio worth of $ 2,000,000. But a high school going teen may have registered a Generic Domain Name like,,, or in his account which can be worth of Millions!

You are holding a large chunk of securities in your Demat account and still you are struggling to become a millionaire but a high school going teen has just used his mind and registered a Domain Name (The Real Estate of the Internet) for just $ 10 and today that Domain Name is worth Millions.

That high school going kid may own an Authority Blog and make literally 6 figure income every year from his web properties.

So this is the power of Information age. This is how the Internet is the fastest way to become rich and financially free in your twenties and early thirties.

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