How to be physically active on a Budget!

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Are you wanting to become more physically active but can’t get to the gym or local fitness facility, due to the costs associated with this?

In 2004, 31% of adults in Ontario stated that monetary/money costs were a barrier to physical activity (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, 2004).

What are some low-cost ways to become physically active?

Spend more time doing the activities you already do! Whether you enjoy walking, swimming, gardening, tennis, or being active with your family, increase the amount of time you spend engaged in these activities! Book in an extra 10 minutes of these activities each day, and they will add up!
Take a walking tour of your community, paying special attention to parks, trails, bike paths, playgrounds, and courts for sports in your area. Log the time you spend exploring your community in an active way, and bring a friend along to try out the free facilities!
Visit your local community centre, which often has groups, facilities, or activities at no cost or low cost! There may be a walking club, swimming facilities, or an indoor gymnasium you could use when the weather outside is keeping you in! Community centres usually have something fun for everyone, so ask about programs for your children, daycare services, or activities that older members of the family can do, too!
Volunteer with groups you are already connected with! Get involved with your local community club or place of worship and organize a fun game of capture the flag, soccer, baseball, or even soccer-baseball at a local field!
Earn money by taking up the local paper route!

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