How to Be Happy Right Now

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


"If you want life to be smiling at you,
give her her first good mood "/ Benedict Spinoza /
"I'm so unhappy today. But I really want to be happy. Well, let's say tomorrow. In an extreme case - Monday, "- that, or something like this, we think.
Do not flatter yourself, dear stranger! Tomorrow will be the same as today.
TOMORROW will be no different from yesterday.
"Well, where is the justice? - With perseverance you questioner. - Why do all the other as people, and I have - one endless problems and troubles? ".
And you some way? Maybe you're forced to be miserable?
Man is so constituted that its focus is more on suffering, on the negative experiences. We collect and accumulate resentment, frustration, stress, condemn, the fear, frustration and resentment. We're always upset about something. We are always dissatisfied with something and we always something missing. Now - STOP!
If we believe Aristotle, the "happiness - on the side of who is satisfied."
It should be clear as day:
If the mind to concentrate on the suffering - you live in hell!
You regularly collect Hell, create it around. Carefully, carefully and intently. Every day, every minute, every second.
When you are unhappy in your present tense. It arises as a potential - the gap between what you are and what you want to be! The more negative you have in mind, the more tension builds up. As a result, you get to the Wheel of Misfortune.
99 percent of the people living on this beautiful planet pulled into the quagmire of desire and attempts to find enough security, money, power, prestige, thrills, sex, and social status. This endless struggle keeps a person in constant anxiety, hostility, anger, jealousy, suspicion and fear. Plus - the very fear of failure conceived and passionately anticipated desires.
The paradox is that the more we succeed in "affairs" of its own, the less peacefully and contentedly become.
Here is a circle and closed.
You belong to this category? This is - the choice is yours. You say - no?
Then, it seems, you still do not have enough suffering...
Well, so how come closer to happiness?
Buddha on this occasion gave the exact recipe: "Just know how to avoid suffering." No less brilliant definition I have heard from Rasool Gamzatova "Happiness - is the ability to avoid disaster."
Well, what about it? How to avoid it?
Have a look at himself. Listen to me...
Follow their thoughts. Any thought that arose in your mind, has a powerful effect on your life. Tense, depressed feelings arise as a consequence of unhealthy thoughts. Light and cheerful feelings - from healthy, good and beautiful thoughts. But our inquisitive mind to the "infinite care about how cool" be sure to find the reason for suffering. We focus on this in good faith.
What is there to understand? Like attracts like - the basic law energoinformatiki.
Everything that irritates - pursues. Everything that you do not like to be with you.
So make a right choice: get rid of the pain.
Actually, it (happiness) - HERE EVER!
Happiness - it is always there. Closer than you think. However, because Pythagoras believed: "Do not chase happiness: it is always in you." You already HAVE everything you need.
We can only take advantage of it.
You have heard that anyone ever asked, "why I am happy?"
No? I do not remember such a case.
When you are happy, the question seems absurd. Is not it?
You're just happy. That's it!
When happiness comes to you, it comes without any reason.
This suffering has a cause, happiness - it does not matter. Happiness - part of our nature, the flower of our own consciousness. This is a wonderful state happens whenever we in harmony with themselves, with their nature. Moments of joy, happy feelings - is this ever happened in your life? Everyone can remember the thousands of such moments. Take them on board.
Importantly, WHAT SHOULD WORK - a thought!
A thought can be deliberately changed.
"I belong to myself, so I can build myself" - the words of world-renowned therapist Virginia Satir.
Keep track of your thinking, because your mood is determined not the people around you and the circumstances, and your thoughts. Program your positive emotions with the help of good, positive thoughts. After all, in any circumstances can look without anguish, anger and hopelessness.
Learn how to turn a lot of trouble - in small and small - in nothing, and uneasy.
As Richard Carlson: "Find the positive things in their lives and their thoughts are strung like beads on a thread, and chase away the negative, not allowing them to poison your life."
Strictly speaking, there is no situation in which a person could not be happier.
You can get what you choose!
You - The legal owner of the life!
Make Himself to His God!
You can do it!
For example, happiness is the minute when you read this, is that
You can be happy even in this very moment.
Want to try?
Then NOW remember and understand the state when you experience something beautiful: an inexplicable joy inexpressible pleasure, the feeling of rising energy, a kind of bliss baby laughing, smiling friend, singing birds, the fragrance of flowers, the touch of a lover, a ray of the morning sun, the dawn as the emergence new life.... Experience the bliss of the moment. Survived by his whole being. Bear in mind this feeling. Well, how - the result?
Collect moments of love, moments of happiness, glimpses of bliss!
Happiness can not be found somewhere. Happiness is here - in you!
"Give each day the chance to become the most beautiful in your life! Great science to live happily is to live only in the present, "- the same Pythagoras.
Collect happy moments!
Just - Be Happy!
Be happy all day!

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