How to Be Happy in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


I don't think you could find anyone in this world who doesn't want to know how to be happy in life.
We all desire to feel happiness as often as we could. We all want to smile and have many reasons for our grin. Don't you just seek the ways to feel great and relaxed in whatever you do on a daily basis? Of course you do. You need to know all about how to be happy in life.
Brian Tracy, my inspirational guru, is sure that you need to know how to be happy in life. And you need it badly. Why is that? Listen, the most solid foundation for your success is to be in a position when you feel the need for creating happiness. When you really desire to be successful, just remember to learn how to be happy in life.
And I am giving you right now the rare possibility to learn how to be happy in life from the best of the best. Tracy wants you to learn some hidden secrets to your success. He wants you to possess the knowledge on how to be happy in life.
According to Brian Tracy, the starting point of career success is for you to select your boss carefully and refuse to work for a difficult or negative person. The thing is much of your happiness and job satisfaction depends on your relationship with your superior. As you can see, it is impossible for you to feel good in your workplace if you choose to spend time with negative people. Do you really want to know how to be happy in life? Choose wisely the environment in your work.
You should be aware of the fact that some jobs in any organizations are more critical to the health of the company than others. All you have to do is to track them and keep them away from you. This strategy is for you to feel happiness most of your time.
Tracy spends his time on teaching you that the strategic niche is the job or position that influences the cash flow of the company. And it is so good to remember that cash flow is determined by sales and marketing. If you decide at this point to know how to be happy in life, your task is to work your way into the sales and marketing function. Thats the key to your happiness in business.
The truth is you won't be successful in your work if you stick to the positions that are placed far away from the sales and marketing. Because in this situation your services are not highly valued no matter how hard you work or how well you do your job. And ultimately your happiness is at risk then.

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