How to Be Happy Alone

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Making friends with your inner self
Happiness is the one thing that is sought by every single person in the world. When asked to choose between happiness and money, happiness and success and happiness and love we all choose happiness. It's the number one desire parents have for their children.
We look for happiness in marriage, children, an excellent career, friends and money. Even though all of these things are wonderful on their own they only give us bursts of pleasure. Real happiness though, does not come from outside of you; it comes from inside of you. The secret to a joyous life is to connect to our internal happiness. The happiness we were born with. The happiness that is our true nature and our internal compass in life. It is vital to learn how to be happy alone in life.
Who is the one person that was there at your birth? Who is there for you through every up and down? Who is always there when you go to sleep and wake up every morning? Who will be sure to be there when you die? You!
By making best friends with ourselves we release the happiness and joy within. We are able to come through the sad times and never feel desolate or completely alone. By investing some time in ourselves every day we learn how to be happy alone in life.
We often have very critical conversations with ourselves. Do You? If yes, who is talking to whom? Most of us have two selves. Our inner unconditional self and our Ego, the brains imaginary self. The unconditional self is pure love, joy, happiness and peace. The Ego is critical, judgemental and fearful. So how do we train our brains to be listening to our best friend the unconditional self?
Imagine that you are your own best friend. Think about it. How would you speak to yourself?
How to be happy alone in life
1. When you get up in the morning say bright and loud your first how to be happy alone quote This is the best day of my life. Don't judge the statement, don't criticise it, you don't even have to believe it but your brain will. Our brains believe whatever we tell them just like entering data into your computer. (Remember just like your computer you can also delete data that no longer serves you or rewrite it). As the day progresses your brain will keep proving that This is the best day of my life. Say it when you arrive at work or school. Your colleagues might think you are a bit barmy at first but I'll bet they start to join in soon.
2. The great metaphysical author of one of the best how to be happy alone books ever published How to heal Your life Louise L. Hay joined the Coaching Happiness Training Course where I gained my certification. She taught us her famous mirror work.
When you first look at yourself in the mirror each day say good morning  and I love you to yourself always using your name. Say your how to be happy alone quotes every day. I say Good morning Tess, I love you. How are you today? I reply I am happy, healthy and perfect and very excited about spending another great day in my life being happy alone with me as my best friend You may feel a bit silly at first but don't worry that is normal. It maybe very hard for you to look in the mirror at first and say your how to be happy alone quotes especially I Love You. I have not met anyone including Louise and myself that has not recoiled at first. Be persistent. We promise it will get easier and it works!
3. When you are choosing what to wear for the day or going out have some fun getting ready just as you would with your best friend. Does my bum look big in this?No way! I love you in this outfit it make you look fabulous, This shirt brings out the clear blue in my eyes and so on. You may feel silly chatting to yourself but we all do it anyway but now we are selecting our words with care. We are choosing to show ourselves the love in our hearts, the kindness in our friendships, the caring in our compassion.
When we love and accept ourselves unconditionally we connect to the real happiness. The real happiness of being ME alone with myself. Be warned that once this starts happening you become a magnet for others and alone time will be become scarce but always save some time to be with your one true best friend. You.

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