How To Be Creative In Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Creativity is the actual result of Imagination. Creativity is actually a source of energy to either create something or to present any work with an aesthetic sense. Most people are imaginative. But the fact is that they are not aware of this fact. Creativity is not the right of any artist or a writer. Creativity is the essence which makes any work look more beautiful.

Creativity can be associated with artistic skills, technical skills and talents. Creativity skills can be applied towards exploring new ways, generating new ideas and including a style of work for developing creative ideas. Creativity can be task motivated. Task oriented creativity is doing any task for its sake rather than for gaining rewards as money or fame.

Creativity cannot be taught. It has to be developed from the inside. If you have only little skills or tools by your side, then the push which you give in your work with creativity will result in a perfect one.

Being Creative…
• Do nothing. If you want to be creative in your work or in your life, give space for yourself. Do nothing and take a good time out for relaxation of your mind and body. Most of the creative people make it a point to give themselves some amount of time, when they feel worn out and when they feel that their creativity has come to a saturation stage. They make sure that after each work, a perfect amount of rest is given to their creative mind. As we are no machines, we need a gap between tight schedules to rejuvenate ourselves and to make our minds fresh as brand new.
• When you are relaxing, make sure that your mind does not loiter towards your work even unknowingly.
• Be sure that you do your duties as a parent, a spouse, or as a child towards your parents while you are not at work. Being with your loved ones will make your mind relaxed and prepares you for the next stage of creativity.
• Begin your day early and make sure you spend the first two hours exclusively for yourself. You can do nothing, or pray, or meditate, or read, or exercise…but make sure those two hours are spent exclusively for you. Keep off your electronic gadgets like cell phone or computers away. Make sure you do not check your mail at these early hours. Feel the fresh air and energize yourself. This can help you store energy for the whole day long.
To release stress and to gain energy for the next creative work, choose a small drive to any quiet place with less distraction.
• Creativity is fueled by Solitude. A good creative work can be produced only by remaining alone in a quiet lonely place. While we are alone, our thought process is activated. We get a space for creativity. While alone, we are a peace and we get time to look into what we have done. Solitude helps us to hear our own voice clearly and thus we can deeply meditate in our work, without the influence of others.
• Like Solitude, people enjoy working with the company of others or at the presence of others. As we love solitude, so should we learn to enjoy working in a place full of movement. It depends on the mood of the person. Many people prefer to enjoy working in the company of their kids, family and friends. They need to actively participate in everything around and also pay attention to their work. It is like listening to music while studying.
• Occasional breaks between your works will bring you to a point of relaxation. Maybe the break will last only for a five or ten minutes while you go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea. That short rest will give you more energy and rejuvenation than working without taking any breaks at all.
• To boost up your creativity, take notes on whatever inspires you on the go. It may be a positive quote which you found in a book while visiting your friend or it may be something striking while you were surfing the internet.
• Creativity doesn’t mean you have to be creative all the day long. It is natural that sometimes you are creative, while at other times you are not.
• Give yourself a boost up by changing your regular thought process, or do something different like working in a new environment…you can even shift your chair from the regular position to change the mood.
• Do what you love. Give yourself a little bit of entertainment here and there while working. No one can work at one single stretch.
• Always be curious. Curiosity helps you to gain more knowledge on any subject. It strengthens your knowledge.
• Have a positive attitude towards the problems which you face in your life. Problems and obstacles have to be treated as natural and normal parts of life. Accepting this fact helps us to remain calm and creative while working.
• Creative people are mostly aware of the things going around in their world. They make their discontent as a motivation factor for their creative work.
• Creative people have this ardent faith that most problems come with a solution.
• Be flexible to your situations. Change whenever it is needed.
• Believe in you and your creativity. Always have the thought that you are excellent in creativity and always allow positive thinking, which will help to create a belief that you are the best.

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