How to Avoid Emotional Eating

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


How To Avoid Emotional Eating?
We are emotional beings. The driving force behind every action is an emotion. Same case goes with your meal. When you are disappointed, you do not want to eat anything. In anger, you want to remain hungry.In happiness or excitement you order pizza, desserts and cold drinks. Emotion means Energy in motion. When a large force drives something, it is hard to stop the momentum.
Here are 5 tips to help you:
Make a variable diet plan
Pay attention to your feelings
Choose healthy Snacks
Eat mindfully
Make a journal
Make a variable diet plan
Your mood changes every moment you are living. Watching a show makes you happy. You get angry when you hear political views of someone you dislike. Your mood continuously changes from time to time.
That is why a static diet plan does not work for you. You have to know what you are feeling right now. How do you feel?
This feeling will urge you to eat something or reject it. Pay attention. When you are angry, it is not possible to eat an ice cream scope.
Your diet plan should be flexible so that it can be adjusted to your mood and feelings.
Pay attention to your feelings
Most people do not know their feelings. They are unable to recognize their emotions. When they say they are depressed, they are actually angry upon something. While you are, hurt and you say with a smile:
It is okay. I am fine. I am happy.
That is not right. You should be honest with yourself. I know it takes courage to speak the truth. When you are happy, be happy. When you are sad, do not pretend to be a happy person. Do not lie to yourself. Give importance to your feelings.
Choose healthy Snacks
Snacks, desserts, and drinks are a part of our daily life. It is difficult to avoid them; so, why not choose healthy snacks. Make healthy choices. They should be in your kitchen. In anger, when it is hard to stop emotional eating, choice should be a healthy ingredient.
Eat Mindfully
When you are eating your lunch or dinner, try to focus upon your meal. Forget about every other thing in the world. Forget all other issues. Remove the emotional burden. Smile, relax, and enjoy your meal.
Make a journal
Take a notebook. Whenever you are sad, angry, depressed, or fearful, write down your feelings. Do not ignore your feelings. Listen to your feelings and let them flow out of your body. Write down your problem and then waste the paper into dustbin. You will feel a lot better.

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