How To Attract Spiritual Wealth Using Time - Tested Secrets

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


While many people focus on gaining material wealth, there are some who want to improve their lives by augmenting their spiritual wealth. Here are some straightforward things you have got to know about spiritual wealth.
Spirituality is a state of being. It is that conscious effort you exert to enlighten your soul and improve yourself in terms of your relations with others and with life itself. To gain spiritual wealth is to increase information on spirituality and apply this data on your daily existence.
Hiking up your spiritual wealth is not as easy and as fast as increasing earthly possessions. Spirituality requires time and devotion. It's just thru a pure heart that you'll be able to have spiritual wealth. When you make a decision to go on your journey toward spirituality, you can meet roadblocks that can discourage you from continuing on, you have got to be steadfast and strong in all of the things that you're going to experience on your journey.
Step one to spirituality is to wash your soul. Confess and repent for the wrong things you have committed. It is in this stage that you have to find out about humility. Accept that at some particular point in your life, you have made some screw ups and atone for these wrong doings. Being sincere in looking for spiritual wealth is exceedingly important. Humbling yourself is the 1st step of your journey. To be humble means to lift yourself up to the ultimate Being that breathed life into you.
Once you've learned how to be humble and you've purchased a pure heart, the succeeding steps of your journey will be less complicated for you.
Let Love Enter Your Heart
The ultimate "Being" is the best incarnation of love. Let love enter your heart and your life. Know His teachings and apply these to your life. The more that you give love to others, the more love will be given to you. Having spiritual wealth means letting love enter your life. Don't nurse loathing and discomfort in your heart. These are all negative manifestations of the pure love the ultimate Being wants us all to share with each other.
Understand that you will always experience heartaches and Problems in your life but you shouldn't use these as excuses for loathing and brutality. When someone wounds you, give more love in exchange. Folks who hurt other people are in need for love. Give them love and they will ultimately find out how to give it back.
Know the Seriousness of Idleness
In this busy world, to be idle is looked upon as acting lazy. Your journey towards spirituality will make you realize that you will need some breathing space of your busy and loud world. Give yourself a few minutes every day to think about your life. Remember that spirituality is perception of being. It's only thru reflections that you are going to know how far you've gone on your journey. Reflect on what you've been doing and think of what else you can do to boost your non secular life. Spirituality is a never-ending growth. There is always space to improve. There's always something that you can do.
To live a satisfying life means to have a balance of both material and spiritual wealth. Take that journey toward spirituality today and you will soon notice that life is indeed better with a pure heart.
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