How to Access Your Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


How to Access Your Spirituality
Here are some ways to help you access your spirituality. You will need to understand where, what and how to best tap into that part of your human nature. Everyone develops a basic belief system during his or her lifetime. It can be faith based, mind developed or become an inner voice of guidance called our intuition or higher self. The way to help you become more receptive to this doorway of inner peace is connecting with each of your six senses.
We will begin with your sense of sight. Nature with all its grandeur offers the best visual pathway to connecting with something greater than your self. Whether it is the majestic mountains, the splendor of the ocean or a dynamic dessert setting, each set of scenery offers personal insight to the feeling of oneness, when viewing the beauty, peace and awe of natures creational artistry. Our brain transmits these images into a chemical reaction, via our nervous system, to relax or contract our muscles and offering us a pleasant or exhilarating feeling throughout our body.
This can be achieved from the smallest sight, like a blooming rose, flying bird or insect or breathtaking scene from a motion picture. It is instantaneous and sometimes taking a deep breath during the experience can heighten its effect. You are taking in the elevated frequency of this energy. Think back when you stood in front of a tall waterfall, or watched the waves crashing down, at the coast as it is the sound, that intensifies this experience. Your sense of hearing offers another pathway to a higher connection.
What you hear or the sound of silence is another way to explore the connection to your inner belief system. The level of frequency we hear also affects our brain. Higher volume, like the sound of a church choir or complete silence will create two different chemical reactions in your body and brain.
Whether it is hearing the tone of an angelic voice or heart pumping music, our muscles will either relax or contract depending on the brains interpretation of the sound. For example, the sound of a desktop waterfall, rolling ocean wave and a harp softly playing is low vibration and offers relaxation. Loud-heavy-metal music or a rhythm of beating rapid drums, will give the opposite reaction of heightened energy.
Silence on the other hand, offers a neutral environment. It is way for your brain waves to calm down and be open to that inner voice as in meditation.
The next two senses I have paired together, because they interact. They are the sense of smell and taste. Can you recall a meal or occasion where you instantly reacted to an arousing smell and couldn't wait to taste, from where it came?
Some scents have a more calming effect like lavender, sage and rose oils while ginger; clove and garlic bring a spicy charge of energy. Many times our sense of smell can activate our salivary glands enticing hunger in us, like when we enter the movie theater and smell fresh popcorn. Other times a smell can be so revolting our reaction is to get as far away from it as possible or trigger a sick feeling equal to sour milk.
Many types of incense, sweet grass or sage offer the body an inviting clean type of energy, that opens to a higher vibration when it is burned. The smoke that fills the air, from these herbs has an age-old healing property.
Anything that has a pleasant aroma can affect the body in a positive way. Yet, if it is too strong or pungent it can offer a negative response like heavy perfume or rotten food. A smart cook knows that an inviting aroma or an offer of fine wine can bring satisfying results to the outcome for any occasion. Our spirits react to the environment around us. We can set a stage to achieve this with color, smell, taste and sound.
This opens to the social, physical and spiritual connection we can have by using our sense of Touch. When we reach out socially, by sharing our feelings with others our energy integrates through touch. The effect our body reacts to comes from the feelings that are attached to the action. When kisses or hugs are exchanged our body reacts to the positive energy of caring or love that comes with it. If we are physically or verbally abused, our body tightens from trying to block the negative energy confronting us.
The sense of touch connects us to spirituality through our base self and our beginnings from birth. It helps define our connection to the world and people around us. Our brain learns to recognize what physical and social experiences are positive or negative. We each create a personal language of touch, which reflects something about our selves. Can you recall a firm handshake, the first time meeting someone or one that screamed of shyness or lack of self-confidence? How we reach out or touch others lives is directly tied to our spirituality through the sense of touch. Think of how you have touched another's life in a positive way during your journey. It will help you understand the spiritual essence, which drives your actions.
Lastly, the greatest way to assess your spirituality is using all your sense together. If you can find or create a place that offers pleasure to all your five senses you can discover a feeling of peace, relaxation and oneness, which can open our spiritual connection and sixth sense.
Creating sacred space can also achieve this. In a quiet space in your home, office or bedroom you can put together a small alter. It doesn't have to be large, just a special area displaying personal objects, pictures or meaningful totems. You can start by picking a symbol. something that is sacred to you. Maybe start with a religious, spiritual or sentimental piece, which has a positive impact associated with you.
Add a candle; gem stone or crystal, feather, photo or personal artifact that represents a special moment or person in your life. You can create a prayer or affirmation box to write down your intentions, goals and dreams. When you want to connect with the inner part of yourself, sit or stand before it and pray, meditate or visualize what you want to manifest in your life.
Here with gratitude for all your blessings, your heart and spirit can open to higher guidance for this journey we call life.
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