How Spirituality Will Help Your Business

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Spirituality will help your business because it is a concept of comprehending one's own divinity, and that is empowerment. It is also the practical guidance of your higher self or clearer awareness beyond the limitations of your ego's fears and insecurities that affect your health and your ability to create wealth.

It is looking beyond today, the here and now, and to contextualize our lives in their totality. It is a physical manifestation of our thoughts about what spirit is, and what it does. If you apply spiritual concepts such as health, wealth, love, happiness, joy, compassion and abundance, how can you go wrong in any area of your life, including your business?
True, spirituality is a broad topic, and we all might have a slightly different idea of what "spiritual" means to us. But it cannot be denied that it is about faith in the self and that it is available to all and can be accessed anytime for any pursuit including your business.
It is about developing the inner you to the extent that you not only understand yourself, but you will soon begin to understand others. It is the condition of being in harmony with the universe and is the release from all the things of the world that keeps you from being quiet.
Spirituality is all about becoming more like God, who is spirit (John 4:24) and having our character conformed to His image (Romans 12:1-2). Spirituality is a form of religion, but a private and personal form of religion. It is the idea that we can look to be guided from within our being, by listening to our spirit which is in-tune with and part of the whole of Spirit.
If you were to cultivate spiritual habits you would already know the answers to many of the questions you have about your business and how to make it as profitable as you would like for it to be.

Spirituality is a quickening, an evolving awareness of the depth dimension of one's life and one's connection with the universe.
It is the inner quickening that comes with a sudden or long sought awareness which touches the core of one's existence. It is the heightened awareness of oneself in relationship to humankind and the universe. When you are in tune with humankind and the universe, it is easier for you to tap into the universe for your needs and desires.
You will be better able to manifest whatever you need in your business whether it is equipment, more sales, a business loan, more clients or more self-confidence.

Spirituality is an evocation of feelings that leads into the spiritual; extrasensory, transcendent experience. The discovery of one's true self, a pursuit of one's full potential that ultimately leads to peace. And no one would deny that when your mind is at peace you are better able to focus on achieving your goals and aspirations of your life and your business.
This is the search for security, inner peace, love, joy, freedom and other basic things human beings need. It is about overcoming our self-doubt and weaknesses and experiencing love and beauty in everything while feeling love for others and for ourselves. It is about finding deep meaning in our lives while being centered and feeling the strength of our inner self standing with both feet on the ground.
It is the consciousness light that unites man's aspiration and God's compassion. It is one of the ways people construct knowledge and meaning. It is always constructive and never destructive in relationships with others.
It is further, the practical application of your state of consciousness that is not blocked with unhealthy, disabling belief systems. It's another dimension of you, your consciousness and your energy.
Spirituality is not achieved overnight and is a gradual process of becoming. However, being aware of the importance of having good spiritual health will have a positive impact on your life, including the success or failure of your business.
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