How Positive Attitude Boosts Self Improvement

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

A positive attitude is something everyone can work on, and everyone can learn how to employ it quoted Joan Lunden.

Do you agree with the above quotes? I do. Positive people are more successful and happier than negative people. But most people today think positivism as unrealistic, impractical or just uncool. This is the reason why they sometimes fail to cross life's hurdles. The aim of this article is to explain how to be positive, with many suggestions for structuring your positive thinking.

Positive attitude is considered to be a root cause for self improvement, good life and well being. If you are a person who always thinks negative, be encouraged by the knowledge that the first step towards positive thinking is to simply think another thought. Unlike negative attitude, thinking is just a habit, which can be changed. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought about an event in your life, first evaluate the evidence i.e. the facts not the fears.

Next, think of alternate explanations and future outcomes. This is the best way to join hands with the positive thinkers which automatically boosts your personal growth. Always remind yourself to follow the motto, When I have a negative thought, I immediately think of positive alternatives that fit the facts. Practice the positive thinking approach and you simply feel better.

If the above tactic doesn't help you, try the below tips:

At the end of each day, reflect on the positives of the day. Think about the good things, at the same time don't dodge the bad things. Focus more on the good and what you learned from the bad. This will enhance your personal growth.

Be aware of your thinking. Jot down when you think positive and congratulate yourself. Also notice when you think negative and try to convert your thoughts.

Before going to sleep, think about what you are looking forward to the next day. This will keep you prepared, thus increasing your self confidence.

Visualize your future. Along with positive attitude, self improvement begins with visualizing the future, identifying specific and measurable goals and taking steps to meet those goals.

Whenever you are surrounded with negative thoughts, seek the help of your positive thinking friends. Worthwhile friendships are very fulfilling. Strive to have good friends and be a good friend.

Last but not least; strive to be a go-getter by raising your levels of self-expectation. Once you raise your expectations you will automatically believe in positive attitude and try to follow the path of positive thinking.

Your success and personal development depends on how committed you are to a positive attitude. Improve your positive thinking and have the happier life that you desire.

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