How Leaders Manage Their Efforts

A conceptual look at leadership and associated concepts.

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Have you ever said to yourself "If I ever get a million dollars, I am going to have it made", then before you know it, one could have a million dollars, then lose it all. I've known of some whom have nothing but success on their minds; success at all cost and nothing will get in their way. Right? Wrong. A past friend always use to say "don't worry about anything I have plenty of money in my pocket and plenty of money in the bank", guess what? My friend did very well (was a millionaire twice) made, then lost, then made, then lost it again. Much of his story comes from an interesting dilemma of not knowing how to manage your efforts.
Let's take a look at what that really means; in my view there is a bit of a difference between "time management" and managing your efforts. Though similar and perhaps related one is time and the other is a task management issue. And, though the two are obliviously management related issues one is more focus on the personal you versus the other will include the inclusiveness of other individuals. Managing your efforts will entail the management of organizational expectations; whether it impacts the company or perhaps your own organizational pursuits. Managing your efforts will entail the organizational concepts of empowering others whom have been assigned to work on the driven mission of the organizations.
Now let me attempt to provide even more clarity to this issue of managing your efforts. Just think about it for a second; you're sitting down after a long hard day at work and reflecting the overall execution of the performance of your efforts. Do you measure such a concept based on time or based on completion of a certain project and if it is based on a project; what tool was used to assess the success rate of the outcome in relations to your efforts? Well if you're not sure, don't feel bad you're not alone. It is not an easy management activity to conduct nor is it easy to identify; and if identified, how do you develop a management monitoring tool that can help you? You see it starts to get a bit complicated, particularly at evaluative processes.
Keep in mind the following in the effort to help with managing your efforts. First of all be prepared or on the alert for signs of growth factors. Develop a management monitoring tool that can help you with the issues of maintaining consistency with factors that could compromise the originality of your innovative goal. Understand the limitations of your mission and stick with the overall plan of progress that will stand the test of time.

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