How Does Positive Thinking Changes Your Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2019

Positive thinking is much more than being happy or expressing a positive attitude. It will help you to create real values in your life. It will help to broaden the sense of possibilities and open your mind. Positive thinking will definitely help us to develop and improve new skills in life. Can I ask one question- When happiness comes, whether before or after a success?. You may think I am mad to ask this question. You will say that it will come after a triumph. But my answer is something different, it will come before and after. Researchers had noticed that jubilant people always have an up spiral in their life. This is because the euphoric state helped them to go more actively through the vigorous route to success.

I like to tell one story to explain this

One day Bill Gates (Microsoft) after getting an award for achieving the highest profit, got a call from a famous newspaper agency, that they want a special interview with him. At first the Bill Gate denied and after some time he conceded and he requested them to send one of the most intelligent and smart interviewers. The agency accepted that request and they send most smart and handsome person. After some formal question the interviewer thought of making fun with Bill Gates. For preparing some destructible questions the interviewer asked to take a break. Bill Gates smelled something bad in that, after the break when the session started, the first question was- “ Sir, how did you attain all this glory?’’. After thinking for a while the Bill Gates answered with a grin that “ I got a golden angel which made me lucky”. After hearing this the interviewer again asked “sir from where did you got that?”. Bill gate Replied “It was just flying above my head”. Then the interviewer again asked “ Sir, why this angel was always flying above your head and why not considering us?”. The Bill Gate replied “In all of our lives an angel will come above our head. But the matter is that who will get this and who are not”. Then the interviewer again asked “how did you got that?”. The reply of Bill Gates was “We cannot say when it will come or how long it will stay above our head. In order to get that I made continuous attempts for years.. When it came I suddenly buckled it”. By hearing this the interviewer became silent.
So I want to tell you that not your circumstances that make you fail, but your thinking or your laziness. Both you and Abraham Lingon may have come across the same situation, but he perceived the circumstance differently, he always tried to see a positivity in everything do you ever think or heard how much he suffered before becoming a president. Just try to look his life story to conform who should be your ideal in your life.
If we take another example, we can consider roses with thrones in them. A person who is inauspicious will say that “Oh my God, even these lovely flowers have thorns”. A person who is auspicious will say that “ It is so wonderful to see a beautiful flower among thrones”.
We should always try to develop a vision which can see good things even in the worst situation. Make positivity as your great strength. Success only follows those who are positive in their heart. This is because only these people can find opportunities, even in worse situations. And those who can find opportunities will only succeed in their life. Like the Napoleon Bonaparte said “Ability is nothing without opportunity”. Opportunities will come in every ones life. But we have delayed that because we just don’t like to break our comfort zones. I like to say that those who try to live their life in comfort zones will be the most useless and foolish among the entire world.

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