How Do You Utilise Your Life Purpose to Create Meaningful Success?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

Your life purpose is your primary guideline in life; not only can it guide you in what to do, but it can also be used to predict your future happiness! Once you know your life purpose you can use it to determine, in advance, if a given situation is likely to work out well for you or not. The best way to assess if any opportunity is suitable is to explore any opportunity, which crosses your path and to see if it contains all the elements of your True Life Purpose. If all the elements are present, then it is virtually a given that you will be happy and fulfilled, if you pursue that opportunity. The opposite is also true, if any opportunity does not contain all the elements of your True Life purpose, then that situation or opportunity will be extremely unsatisfying and will certainly not bring you the fulfillment, meaning and happiness you desire.

Discovering your life purpose is not only a great way of discovering all the ways of inviting meaning into your life, but it is also a way to discover enlightenment too. When you are living on purpose you are content and in addition you have a wonderful tool, which you can use to assess all the areas of your life. This useful and practical tool for your job, career, business endeavors, family, activities, hobbies and other key areas of your life, will allow you to evaluate any opportunity to see if it is aligned with what you actually want in your future.

Once you are comfortable with your life purpose, utilize your internal guidance system, your emotions, to guide you to stay in alignment with where you want your life to go. If something or the thought of something makes you happy, fulfilled and content, then it is very likely in line with your True life purpose.
The Benefits
Knowing your own unique True Life Purpose, will give you invaluable insight and a massive advantage when looking for genuine happiness and long term fulfillment. Living on purpose makes everything really simple in your life and it feels like you are swimming with the current in a fast flowing river. All the resources, people, knowledge and assistance you need, seems to flow toward you. Realizing your dreams and living in the magic of life will feel as natural as breathing in and out.
Your life will be enhanced in many ways when you live your True Life Purpose. Life purpose work will uncover your genius potential by revealing your beneficial influences.
Here are some of the many benefits you will experience:
•Career satisfaction
•Better relationships
•Heightened synchronicity
•Fewer Challenges
•Greater self-awareness
Do you need Life Purpose work?
Please answer the questions below to try to asses if you are living according to your True Life Purpose.
•Are you content with your current career choice?
•Do you know all your gifts and talents?
•Are you repeating any life challenges?
•Are you in a dead-end relationship?
•Do you understand and have you mastered your life lessons?
•Do you have any unresolved family issues or relationship issues?
•Are you content with your life?
Once you have answered these questions, take some time to reflect on what changes, if any you need to make in your life right now. You must follow your internal guidance system and try to only do those things that bring you joy and fulfillment. Follow the very important rule of STOP, BREATH, THINK and then ACT before making any drastic changes in your life.

Search deep inside yourself and be open to listen to your own internal voice. After really listening to your internal voice and seeing through your internal eyes and listening to the message sent to you by your intuition, only then are you equipped to make any decisions about any changes that may be necessary.
I like to think of intuition as the message, which comes to you before you think. Intuition is a very powerful gift that we all have and as such we must try to re-open ourselves to learning the art of utilizing this amazing power, to guide us in all our decisions.

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