How do you know that your partner is cheating you?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 6, 2019

Every person who is in a relationship worries about infidelity or cheating. And, finding out that your partner is cheating on you is devastating. No one is happy to find out that their partner is unfaithful. However, it is better to know if you have an unfaithful spouse sooner than later so that you can take the right steps to address the situation.

But how do you identify that, your partner is cheating on you? There are a few red flags to look out for if you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful. These red flags can give you clues that your spouse may be straying.

But before you read ahead, remember that just because you sensed some of these behaviors in your spouse, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating on you. It is always a good idea to articulate your concerns with your spouse and give them a chance to explain themselves.

Warning Signs Your Partner Could Be Cheating

  1. Unexplained Absences
  2. All of us enjoy time away from home where we can hang out with our friends or pursue our hobbies, but if your spouse has frequent absences for which they do not have a satisfying explanation, you must find out why.

  3. Being Secretive
  4. If your spouse suddenly becomes too possessive about their phone, emails, social media accounts, etc. or takes any calls in a different room that means they are hiding something from you, something they don't want you to see.

  5. Sudden Change In The Sex Drive
  6. If your spouse shows lost interest in being intimate with you or acts somewhat important when you two are together, then that could be a warning sign that they are cheating on you.

  7. Decline In Communication
  8. If you notice a sudden decline in communication with your spouse, try to figure out the reason for it. This could be small to big conversations like not talking about their daily routine, refusing to discuss long-term financial plans, etc.

  9. Change In Attitude
  10. A change in attitude is a big red flag in case of infidelity. Your spouse might start reacting differently to situations, they might become more argumentative, irritable or less affectionate. This can be because of the influence of the third person or due to the guilt of cheating on you.

  11. Change In Interests
  12. When a person spends a good amount of time with someone else, they begin to adopt their likes, interests, views and choices. So, if your partner is showing liking towards things that they hated before, it is possible that they are being influenced by someone else.

  13. Excessive Spending
  14. Having an affair is costly! Gifts, flowers, outings, shopping, dining, etc. leads to huge expenses. If your spouse has no savings to spend on you and your family, you need to be alert. Keep a track of your partner’s spendings as they could be spending on the person they are cheating you with.

The above mentioned are few clues that can help you know if your partner is cheating on you with someone else. If these signs along with your intuition are sensing that unfaithfulness, it is better to discuss your concerns with your partner. If you keep getting denied and "push-back" when trying to talk, you may need to get professional help. Living In Wellbeing is a renowned counseling center in Kerala providing counseling for various mental health issues like anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, marital issues, post-pregnancy issues, etc. All you have to do is, reach out to us to take a step towards betterment.

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