How do you know that your Husband is trustworthy & loving

Dr. Purushothaman
December 30, 2018

Two major factors that make relationships successful or unsuccessful is trust and love. Trust and love both are interlinked. Without trust, you cannot build the foundations of love. And, without love, your relationship will soon go downhill.
Many marriages end because of lack of trust and love. With time, couples start taking each other for granted, they forget to appreciate each other and start focusing on each other's flaws. But remember, your spouse is the most important person in your life so you should make every effort to revive your marriage.

If you are facing trust issues, here are a few signs to look out for in order to establish trust on your husband.

1. He Is Always Willing To Communicate

If your husband is always willing to communicate with you that means he has nothing to hide from you. Remember, a trustworthy man never fears or runs away from your questions, instead, he is always open for discussions.

2. He Can Look You In The Eye

A person can lie, but the eyes don’t lie. They reveal the truth which your tongue can hide. So, if your husband can look you in the eye while talking to you, that means he is trustworthy and honest.

3. He Opens Up To You

For a healthy and happy relationship, you need each other’s support. Only when a relationship has the love and the level of comfort, the other person opens up and shares his/her thoughts with the other. So, if your husband seeks your support, tells you about how he is feeling, if he is upset about something, his concerns, etc. that means he wants to open up and be true to you.

4. He Consults You

In a relationship, you and your spouse have to work as a team. It is your duty to consult your spouse before making decisions that will affect you both. Likewise, if your husband consults you or encourages your suggestions before taking any decision that affects you both, it is a good sign.

5. He Is Genuinely Interested In Your Life

If your husband is taking a genuine interest in your life, do not take it as interference. It probably means that he cares for you and is emotionally attached to you.

6. He Does Not Hide His Phone From You

A phone test can be a great way to see whether or not your man is trustworthy. If your husband freaks out when you touch his phone, answer it, if he tilts his phone away from you while texting, these are all warning signs. If he is cool with it, that means, he does not hide anything from you.

7. He Is Comfortable Around You

Last but not the least, if he feels comfortable around you, involves you with his group of friends, likes to spend time with you, likes to hang out with you, then it is a good sign and you can definitely trust him.

Now that you know the signs of a trustworthy and loving husband, you should re-read the list with yourself in mind and find out if you are a loving and trustworthy partner.
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