Home Improvement: The Means to Happy Living

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Acquiring a home to live in is one of the basic necessities of man, whether you are enjoying singlehood or you are a happily married man. This is where a family is built, reflecting harmonious relationship with the community.
Every homeowner would always get tired of seeing their home as it is through the years, they will always get tired of fixing household physical and structural issues such as electric malfunction, leaking faucets, roof tear off, dirty kitchen, unorganized set-up, insufficient space and a lot more. Sometimes, homeowners need to seek help from home improvement contractors like home improvement ST Louis MO to beautify and bring their homes back to life and back to the trend. Considering a home as an investment, renovation and remodeling would greatly add to its value. Home renovation would entail a lot planning, coordination, rebuilding and patience. To achieve the desired outcome of a newly improved home, one must wait and have patience in dealing with the workers. Renovation does not happen in split seconds; it takes time and requires a budget--it is not just painting here and there, it might also include dumping unnecessary things in order to make space. The overall output would depend on the homeowner's preference, the budget, and the designer's suggestions
Renovating is the key to make your home more conducive to living. The following main factors must be taken into consideration when improving one's home:

Is it still well ventilated? Is the furniture still well constructed?
Poor ventilation and air conditioning system may result to suffocation. Furthermore, in tropical countries, excessive heat can be felt even inside a home if not well ventilated. Comfortability must be taken into consideration as a home is a place intended for relaxation.

Considering the increasing number of family members, is it still fit for the family needs for Playground for kids, entertainment area, and all? Does it still provide sufficient space for the family's quality time?
Insufficient space maybe caused by the storage of unnecessary things like an old vacuum which is malfunctioning; old appliances and closets that are already tearing off; old broken dining tables and chairs, and a lot of unused toys. These are all space consuming, so better dump them off in the garbage or donate them for a good cause.

Is the electric wiring system updated? Is it not prone to fire? Are the electric appliances still functioning well? Is there any fire extinguisher installed? Safety is the most important in any situation. All wirings should be checked to avoid fire hazards and a fire extinguisher should always be installed.

Is it still sturdy enough? Can it withstand strong winds and typhoons? Is the roofing stable?
In case of natural catastrophes, a home should serve as a haven for safety to avoid danger. Like for example, if there are strong winds and heavy rains, a home should always be sturdy and strong enough to protect the family.

If your home is not sturdy enough, have insufficient space, is prone to danger, then a home renovation should be done. Make it new as brand new, remodel it, repair all damages, enhance

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