Hire Education Is In The Tutoring Business

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

Prep tuition is across the board tuition with multiple subjects, but with focus on a single area if and when necessary.
Subject tuition provides tutors in specific subjects at a high school level. We cover most subjects that are taught at high school.

Founded in 2003 by Rory Brachner, Hire Education has grown with the increased demand for private tutoring over the years. Today, we operate nationwide in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town Metros.

One-on-one lessons with a learner present a completely different motivation from a classroom dynamic, the result is high demand for individual tutoring. Large classes of learners and the confines and restraints of limited time means individual learners do not get the attention that they deserve. Private extra lessons focus exclusively on the learner, subjects or the specific areas that need attention.

Not every learner turns to us for help because they don't understand a subject or they are failing and want to pass. Some learners have a firm grasp of most concepts and achieve relatively good marks. These learners might turn to our tutoring business to excel by turning Bs into As.

Our tutors are able to adapt themselves to any situation. This is one of the reasons why we commence a series of lessons with a three lesson Intro Package. During the Intro Package we assess the student and subjects. Then we develop a plan which includes the course of action that needs to be taken. You will receive feedback from this assessment and recommendations on how to reach these goals.

It is not the end of the world if your child is having difficulties with one or more subjects at school – there are always tuition solutions to make a difference. Learners can fall behind for many different reasons such as learning disabilities, clash of personalities or even lack of individual attention in the classroom. Our tutors can address these issues by using the first three lessons to assess the learner and plan a method of teaching.

Time restriction is one of the problems that teachers have in the classroom because they need to cover the work they planned for a specific lesson. Even if time for individual attention is set aside, learners may not get the individual attention they need. This is where tuition solutions can make a difference.

Perhaps the most important feature of Hire Education's tuition solutions is that the lessons are all one on one. The benefit of one-on-one tuition is the tutor is able to assess and address the individual needs of a specific learner. By acting as a mentor, a tutor can understand what will motivate your child, and adapt his or her teaching method accordingly. Mentoring gives your child the incentive to work alone between lessons and to take pride in their success. If a child is negative about a specific subject, our tuition solution provides encouragement and once confidence is restored, improvement will follow.

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