Heart Based Business: How Spirituality and Profit Go Together

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Today's businesses are not just about money and profit. People now realize that money and profit shouldn't just be the main goal of a company or a business. With our community and the planet facing more and more difficulties, companies and businesses are reaching out and doing their part. This is why most companies now take their corporate social responsibility more seriously and really take part in alleviating the situation of the community they belong to or mankind as a whole. Have you heard about the double bottom line or even the triple bottom line? Though companies and businesses still move forward based on profit, they are also motivated by other noble purposes. What could have brought this change? It is probably because most businesses now realize that the heart is needed in doing business and the current trend of introducing spiritualism in the workplace.
What is the role of spiritualism in business and why should you as a business leader not ignore your heart in making decisions? Spirituality in the workplace is not about introducing religion in the workplace. Though religion is a part of spirituality, it does not necessarily mean religion. For some people, spirituality is not even related to religion. Spiritualism in the workplace could mean a lot of things. It could be about keeping and encouraging values like decency, honesty, morality and integrity at work. It could also be about keeping the peace in the workplace and making sure that stress is maintained at a bare minimum. Finally, it could mean team building and group activities that allow people to be free with their spiritual beliefs.
Now, you ask, will introducing spiritualism in my business help me better manage my team and company? Studies show that 7 out of 10 companies that incorporate spiritual activities and their worker's spiritual health in mind have more content, relaxed and productive workers. Why is this so? Workers with increased spirituality are more likely to find contentment in their work and are better able to manage stress. Increased spirituality also help better maintain employee relations. Plus, spiritualism is a great way to maintain and increase morale in the company.
Now, is it possible for you to earn more by incorporating spirituality and running a heart-based business? Definitely yes! Past experiences would show that companies reported to maltreat workers and even test on animals are viewed negatively and after news of the bad act, profit would go down. Consumers would be more likely to patronize a business that deals fairly, honestly and gives back to the community.
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