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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Are you in a relationship with someone that is showing signs of failure? Is your partner showing signs of relationship depression? This is often times more difficult then suffering from your own depression. Many marriages and relationships end because one or both of you can't break this pattern and it just drags on until there is a feeling of hopelessness.
Depression affects different people in many different ways. The most common effect is irrational thought and wild swings of emotions, often blinding those who are afflicted with depression unable to see the positive things in their lives. No matter how hard you try to cheer a partner going through this it will seem to you like all your efforts are for nothing. Here is the kicker…don't give up.
In truth, your support and efforts mean a great deal to your partner, but in their situation they are simply not able to communicate that with you. Often they will suggest ending the relationship because, in fact, they feel responsible for hurting you. More often than not they want the relationship to continue and want your continued love and support. Please keep this in mind. When you are hurting, don't you want love and attention from those you love?
Your first step in keeping your relationship together is to do some research on depression. Learn the causes and symptoms and through this educational process you can begin to see the picture more clearly.
Men have a strong tendency to become emotionally attached to their occupation. By nature they are the providers and thus feel a greater need than women to be successful in their jobs. Women suffer more depression in regards to their social environment and can suffer depression when their loved ones are struggling.
Exercise self-awareness and don't get yourself trapped into the depression cycle. Living with a depressed person can become contagious. Here are signs to be aware of:
• Lack of sleep
• Lack of concentrations-normal daily routines become difficult
• Hopelessness and a feeling helpless to change things
• Inability to control negative emotions and thoughts
• you have lost your appetite or you can't stop eating
• Irritability and bad temper
• Suicidal thoughts-immediately seek professional help
If you begin to show any of these symptoms a visit to a professional counselor may be in order. Do not jeopardize your well being at the expense of the relationship. If these symptoms of depression begin to seep into your daily life it may be time to step away, at least temporarily.
A former broken relationship and depression often go hand in hand. It is common to feel depressed and expect the worse when you have been through a series of unsuccessful relationships. Marriage counselors can help get through a situation like this or prevent it from becoming another failed relationship. Often times couples wait too long to seek advice from a relationship coach and at this late stage there is little that can be done to save the relationship.
Above all, just hang in there. Have faith in yourself and your partner that you can conquer this depression and that all your hard work will pay off in the end. When you relationship finally rises from the ashes it will unshakable. A healthy relationship can weather depression and help bring a lasting cure.
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