Healthy Living Tips and Advices - Stress Is the Enemy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


Stress may be a common a part of life. In the competitive world we have a tendency to become tensed, unaware of the straightforward joys of life that is precious and momentary. Most of us can cope, and get past every scenario but not everyone can remove the stress. For some, the stresses and demands build up and become massive. Once we cannot manage any longer, we have a tendency to feel acute stress and anxiety. If left unacknowledged, a bunch of issues return on. These could take a toll on our health, or result in behaviors that are risky.
We face disagreeable circumstances on an everyday basis. Stress can be there on both physical and emotional level. We have a tendency to face stress at work - maybe because of factors like a fierce competition, a tough work atmosphere, close at hand deadlines or commutations to and from the workplace. Stress has been involved in an exceedingly wide selection of sicknesses, emotional and psychological feature issues and from physical sickness to activity. Healthy living tips and advices have identified stress as one of the worst enemy of mankind.
Increases in alcohol, smoking and caffein use are among the common responses to worries. Stress will typically result in gluttony and weight gain. It is often tough to form causative statements during this space like will stress cause these changes in our behavior, regardless of the link, there is definitely a relation. If we have a tendency to suppose personal expertise instead of science, we all know for ourselves that after we are most stressed and anxious, we have a tendency to reach for things that dampens our stress. Sadly, materialistic things provides temporary relief - the issues that are inflicting our stress can still stay when we have indulged in these ways that, and that we could also be less prepared to meet the challenges.
Sustained stress has been coupled to depression. It will have an effect on our ability to sleep, or feel invigorated after we wake up in the morning. We have a tendency to begin to lose enjoyment within the hobbies and interests we once enjoyed. We have a tendency to begin to feel at odds with our partner or youngsters, as a result of minor disagreements that begin to desire major battles. Feeling sluggish, anxious and distant is sure to take its toll on our mood state eventually.
Daily hassles like your job and family responsibilities have a lot of dramatic impact on people that are already feeling stressed. This becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of irritability and frustration, instead of reducing stress or feeling happy, this cycle simply creates a lot of issues. Therefore, a deeper depression and despair will begin to line in.
It's best known that victims of coronary heart failure are found to report higher numbers of disagreeable incidents within the half-dozen months before the attack, than their healthy counterparts. Increase in activity stress is coupled to an accrued incidence of coronary cardiovascular disease. Living stress free is a way to lead a healthy life and stay away from heart diseases.

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