Health and Wellbeing at Work, Rest and Play

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2014

It doesn't matter who we are or where we are for that matter, in the hectic, non-stop days that we live in, stress can find us all. And, stress is one of the most destructive forms of illness/states of mind that we can find ourselves in.

Employee Health and Safety
How Stresses of life and Issues of the Mind Affect the Total Health and Wellbeing of Individuals in an unstable Society
Stress is a stealthy operator and can strike, apparently without warning. However, there are telling signs and obvious situations and conditions that are certainly going to aid and abet stress, rather than help to ease it.

Humans are uniquely designed to cope with most things that are thrown at them but trying to juggle just a little too much can lead to a build up of pressure that we are simply unable to manage effectively.

The workplace can be a particular source of stress; perhaps in some professions more than others but if left to fester can actually begin to debilitate a whole work force as well as individuals. Stress at work is one of the most common causes of absenteeism and in a job where team work is absolutely essential; it is not difficult to see how damaging stress can be.

As stress has become a more accepted form of illness over the past decade (where previously it had been a little bit of a taboo subject), so the research into the illness has increased, leading to more and more information available about how to combat it.
This is particularly the case in work and business sectors, with bosses now actively encouraged to not only educate themselves about the dangers of stress and anxiety, but also their workforces.

It is encouraging to see that health and wellbeing at work is being promoted and this can only have a knock on effect for other areas of life that can also be stressful.

If the symptoms of stress can be recognised and detected early enough then the debilitating effects of serious stress illness can possibly be avoided altogether! If we can get through a day at work without a build up of stress, then we are far more likely to be able to cope with anything our home lives and social lives can throw at us, as we take the same stress avoidance techniques with us.

So, education is the key and there are companies and organisations that deal specifically with this kind of education, providing training courses and information for both employers and employees.

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