Health and Wellness Tips - Eat and Exercise to Stay Healthy and Fit

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Whenever we are mentioning health and wellness tips, we cannot but relate them directly to the way we eat; we often do not consider what we do with our bodies - or to our bodies. It is not about losing weight, however - excess of weight has impact on our health. For example, whenever our main energy source (our blood sugar), goes down, our metabolism instantly turn body fat into energy. However, when the blood sugar is up and high, metabolism will store the excess of energy into body fat, which we will use on another occasion - or not - if we are lazy and never exercise. In most popular health and wellness tips, you will read, this one will scream out - boost up your metabolism.
These are the most natural methods through which you will make your metabolism work the way you make it - taking into consideration that some people are born with slower or faster one. However, faster metabolism always stood for healthier living.
# Avoid sugar
Should you start to tremble due to the lack of sugar, there is always a chocolate with over 70 percents of cocoa, which will only make your brain boost with serotonin! You do not need snacks, filled with white sugar and artificial colors.
# Eat regularly
Whenever you are cruel to yourself in diets, your metabolism go to dormant mode - you cannot tell it you do it on purpose; it will continue storing to preserve energy, since you are not providing enough. Whenever you lose weight fast, your body thinks a starvation is on horizon and it quickly switches to the survival mode, preserving body fat. The result is the loss from water and muscles, not fat. Regular meals prevent your hunger "attacks", offering you constant source of energy and the most efficient way to maintain your metabolism - the processor of your health. Amongst health and wellness tips, remember that breakfast is the booster, starting your energy source to keep your through the most active part of day. You must not be hungry during the day, while compensating over night.
# Drink water
Get those toxins out of your body - only water and tea can do that.
# Exercise regularly
You do not have to kill yourself in the gym. Even regular thirty minutes walk will have a positive effect on your metabolism. Do not relate exercise to your looks only, but to your health. Remember, you are only young once, and your metabolism gets slower with years. The more efficient and mobile you have been, the longer your metabolism will remain younger than you are.
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