Have the Relationship You Want Review - Does it Work?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

Have the Relationship You Want is a fairly new book that appears to be getting quite a bit of buzz on the internet. It is written by the female author Rori Raye, and was created for and is marketed towards women.

The guide promises to offer women the knowledge and techniques necessary to shape and mold their relationship the way they want it to be, for the benefit of both their significant other and themselves. If the guide delivered on this promise then it would most likely be more than worth the cost to women who want to have a better relationship than they've been having, but any author can make wild claims about their book. In this review I will tell you what my research has uncovered, and whether or not the product ultimately works as is stated.

To begin, it is important for you to know exactly what the book contains. The guide is over 150 pages in length. As promised, it addresses some of the most pressing issues to women, such as pointing out some very common mistakes that almost all women tend to make in relationships that end up ruining it little by little and pushing true love away. It also has some rather interesting techniques for getting a grip on negative thoughts and emotions in a relationship, and a breakdown of what men really want and what drives them away.

I could go on and on about what's inside the book, but it's all covered elsewhere, so let's talk about whether or not I've found the book to work.

Now I'll tell you right off that I'm a man. A man who has been in some very serious relationships, but still a man nonetheless, so obviously my subjective opinion of the material is of little importance to you, the target reader. Instead, I've based my final opinion of the material on the opinions of women that I have sought out and collected.

I seek the opinion of the actual target audience in all of my reviews for anything I'm called upon to review, and because this book was so new and underground at first, feedback from those that had tried it was hard to come by. However, thanks in part to the book's free 7 day trial, enough women have tried it now for me to formulate an objective opinion on its effectiveness.

I initially gave the book a "safe" rating of 3 out of 5 stars - only because I did not yet have enough overwhelmingly positive evidence to justify a higher rating. However, with the review being up only a short time, I soon had to go back and eat my words. To date, I have not seen a single negative complaint from an actual customer, and the feedback that I have seen is overwhelmingly positive. Practically all of the customers I've witnessed in online forums or who have spoken to me directly about the book indicate that it has made a real, significant change in the way they deal with their relationships, and they are much happier because of it.

Many books give good advice, but it is not always practical advice that can be put into use to achieve one's dreams immediately. It seems that this is not the case with Have The Relationship You Want. Women report that it helped them immensely.

I was forced to give commendations to the author, and bump the rating up to 5 out of 5 stars recently (the highest rating possible).
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