Happy Happy Happy: How To Be Happy?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


How to be happy? You may ask yourself! Happiness is a state of mind. You can choose to be happy. No matter how much you try however, as a normal human being you are going to experience some unhappy moments in your life. Do not beat yourself up when you are down in the valley of sad and lonely times. To enjoy the better part of your life with happy times, your life has to be fashioned and conditioned for that enviable state. The following are tips that can make your life full of happiness
Make a special concerted effort to be in a healthy state. Your health is your greatest wealth, and when you have good health, you can achieve anything. A healthy body also carries a healthy mind, and that is a satisfactory state to be in. Among other things, there are three basic principles to practice every day for good health. I call them living in the RED, which means Rest Exercise and Diet.
We were not created to be alone, and we did not come in existence all by ourselves. Therefore, it is very necessary to have close ties and solid relationship with your relatives. Never separate from you family members without a close hug in the mornings. In fact research has shown that hugging and physical touch is like therapy. You should also have a small circle of close like-minded friends that you bond with. I call that the mastermind group.
On the other hand, you should at all cost cut ties with those negative, complaining and bitter persons in your life. They are toxic to your soul and have nothing good to offer you. You can never be happy with sad and negative people around you. They will certainly retard your growth and success.
Be light hearted and carry a pleasant smile around your waking moments. Smile and give lots of compliments to others every day. That does not mean you are taking life for granted, but you are learning to be in control of those things that are controlling and destroying others.
Be willing and ready to give more than you want to receive. The good book says that it is better to give than to receive. Your gifts do not have to be tangible, it can be a genuine smile, helping an old person across the street or some kind and comforting words to someone going through a rough time.
Reward yourself for any achievements, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear. The bigger the achievements however, the more unusual your reward should be. If you work with a team, look for every occasion to reward them, and if you have difficulty finding , create the opportunity.
Love, respect and take special care of your body. At least once per month you should get a complete body massage. You need to realize that you are a special and unique person with abilities unlimited. You can awaken some of those potentials greatness sleeping inside by relaxing and exercise your mind and meditate on creating possibilities.

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