Happiness Is a Capability

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Happiness is a capability requires wisdom, at all times maintain a happy mood. Western one philosopher said, the nature of people to pursue happiness and avoid suffering. In real life, everyone pursuit of happiness, but the result is large relative to the diameter differences. Why? Because happiness is an ability.
People live happy or not, depends on his subjective ideas concluded that it does not depend on the external objective conditions, but on the inner psychological change course. The so-called life King, is the truth. Happy reason why people always happy, not because his life is particularly smooth, but because he can calm and happy mood to look at everything in life, happy life, take a look at the scenery gesture freely calm; sad life, take a running race posture, persistent toil.
The world deemed scenery, there will be ecstasy charm, everything just blossom, morning and evening, the wind catkins geese over the horizon, let it. To the inaction of the heart, with whom things to do; regardless of the fact, the happiness and fortune, "really excited and happy, poured drinks, home alley, people bear their sorrow, the back does not change its music" Yan Hui admirable is his attitude toward life, in the face of difficult conditions, do not lament, no complaints, still own entertainment. A powerful mind, then come down the face of life frustrations also magnanimous happy, If you do not have this power, a sheltered luck may sullen, simply relying on the great satisfaction of the substance is not possible to solve all hearts 's.
The five secret life as long as the master, will be happy: to pay multi-point, demanding less from the release of hatred, to avoid worries and live simple. The need to cultivate a positive pleasure. Five "secret" is concerned, to do more to pay, you must have the physical strength, intelligence and hard work; fewer demands, we must learn to understand; release hatred must learn to be tolerant; avoid worries must have self-control; simple life, it must have the ability to "put down". When something and aspirations when they are violated, to understand others and from their own reasons. Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance, the ability to forgive others who are open-minded people, happy people; worries indulgence, addictions parasites, without self-control, freedom furthest away from him.
No self-discipline will be no freedom without freedom there is no happiness. The taste of the vicissitudes of life, feeling really wants to be happy, really not easy. True happiness, we need a purest, most clarity heart. This is why the children were very easy and happy. Experiencing the dark clouds of life, in order to keep them happy, not only need to mind Qingming, need more wisdom. Maturing mentality, especially important for a healthy personality. Able to maintain a happy, whether to get or lose, whether successful career or flat Fanfan, whether smooth sailing or rough frustrated real smart. Staying happy is an ability.
The secret of happiness is to find inner peace. When you pinch pennies gains and losses, happiness slip away from you figured out what the fingers; When you're desperate to climb the peak, happy to have lost along the way you hang around without. Mind free, perfect big I face my stay a pure land, save a little innocence, and this is a source of pleasure and power, although not reach benevolent as worry-free, without taking into account the wise general, but also happy capabilities.
Living life unhappy events often 89, this is an objective law, can not be the will of the people for the transfer. Event things go wrong as their own idea of a novel or a play, he is a protagonist in the works, the mood will be changed for the better. Simply sink into unhappy sorrow, only so unhappy become more unhappy. "Fate not busy watching flowers bloom before court; Rain or shine, Man with the skyline Yunjuanyunshu." Since pessimistic does not help, then why do we not have an optimistic attitude towards life, hold optimistic mood?


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