Happiness for Self Improvement

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


It would be hard to define happiness as it is different for everyone. It is certainly one of the greatest ways to enhance our lives! It creates a state of mind with feelings of peace. We each have the key to happiness and the power to change our mood to create the feeling we desire.
Although every one has a different idea of happiness it does not mean that one person is right and the other wrong. One person may find happiness while acquiring wealth while another will find it in doing charity work. Where ever happiness is found it has to come from within each individual.
Positive thinking is mandatory for a person to be happy no matter what is happening in the world. A positive outlook allows you to overcome all the trials and struggles in life. If we are having a rough day, we can always draw on a wonderful experience from our past to create feelings of happiness and help us to maintain optimism. Every day will have some ups and downs don't let loss effect your day. Everyone makes mistakes so don't let them ruin your day just identify the mistake then let it go and move on with increased enthusiasm.
Never sit idle. Realize that every one has the power bestowed on them to control their thoughts and happiness. It is just a matter of utilizing the power or losing it. Decide what you want according to your circumstances and your capabilities. After your decision, put your best foot forward to achieve your desired aim. This will occupy your thoughts in a positive happy way.
Happiness often comes from giving. Always be kind and spread love. Just a smile can change someones day along with yours. It feels good to make eye contact with some one, to smile and get a smile in return. You just can not beat the combination of laughter and happiness. Express your feelings of happiness with laughter and by causing others to laugh. Be content with what you have by killing emotions such as jealousy while you kindle happiness within.
Always take some time for yourself and do what makes you happy. It could be watching a movie, singing or reading a book it will break the monotony and fill you with new life.
Being happy effects every thing in our life. Stay fit, feel good, work hard and love all. Then nothing can stop you from feeling happy.

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