Happiness Despite Poverty

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


This season isn't exactly the best time to have empty pockets. There are all sorts of sales everywhere, and people are lapping up the goodies as though tomorrow the world ends. Everybody seems to be jolly and extremely cheerful, and the general feeling of happiness fills the air.
When you see, smell and see these scenes, how do you feel? Do you get caught up in the joy of the season? It's easy when your wallets are full, and credit cards are in tow, but how do you cope when you just lost your job, have close to nothing in your pockets, and was just issued a notice for eviction by your landlord for non-payment of rent for the last 6 months? Hard to be happy, am I right?
So how do you remain joyous despite poverty? When your stomach is growling, do you opt to steal, or are you willing to work odd jobs to satisfy your hunger? Below are some ways one can find happiness despite poverty - because believe it or not, there are millions of people around the world who are worse off than you are, yet they manage to maintain happiness and positivity.
Love and Be Loved. No, you don't need a wife, husband or children to feel love - you just need to feel it in your heart. You may love your next-door neighbour, because she gives you a part of their daily meal, even if they don't have much to spare. You may love your dog, and decide to share every bit of morsel you have with him. You may be a joy to be with, and thus encourage people to love you for being you. Love doesn't have to cost anything - and in love, no one is rich or poor. You can be loved regardless of your financial standing, yet feel so rich inside. Love without limits; give until it hurts; help someone feel important by enveloping him with joy.
Think positive. Do you really think all these rich tycoons were born rich? Definitely not. Most people who are enjoying wealth were once downtrodden themselves. They know how it feels to have nothing, thus, they never lost their positivity and rose from the ashes. The mere fact that you were provided water to drink, air to breathe means that you were given the gift of life - and the chance to make something of yourself. Remove all your worries, and find that positive breaks will find its way to you.
Have fun. Being poor doesn't give you license to frown and fret. You can have fun despite the empty wallet. Talk with friends, share stories, play out in the grass and watch happy people. Life is what you make it. If you chose to be envious and mumble and grumble about everything, then that's the destiny you choose. The ones who saw beyond their limitations and decided to be happy despite their situations are now running in the dirt, screaming their hearts and lungs out with glee.
Find happiness that doesn't cost. Is there such a thing? Of course there is! Now don't hinge your happiness on having the best designer clothes and shoes, or having fancy cars and taking luxury vacations. Remember#1? Your friendships become mighty handy when you want to be happy - and it doesn't cost you anything to enjoy the simple joys of life with them. Always remember this - not all wealthy people are happy people. Oftentimes, their friends are only around because they can ride on their fame, or enjoy luxuries as provided by their rich friends. It's hard to be rich and at the same time trust the motives of the people. Now that you don't have much, you enjoy the snug feeling of knowing that your friends are beside you even if you have nothing. Now that's another thing to be happy about.
Live in peace and happiness. Try to be friendly to all, and be a blessing to others. Don't pick fights, or argue about the most immature things. Maintain a general aura of peace. Most of all, never resort to crime just to get money in your pockets and food in your belly. Beg, if you must, just don't destroy your life.
Realize that you were blessed with the most important gift of all - LIFE. For as long as you were given life, you were given a chance to make something out of your life. Stop complaining and just be content with whatever you have. Stop longing for the things you can't and don't have. People often forget how wonderful it is to be alive, and try to seek happiness in the temporary things in life, like material things and fame. Wealth may buy you a comfortable and soft bed, but it will never buy you a good night's sleep. Good luck!

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