Growing Changes Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Yes its true growing can change your life in many ways. Weather it is just the joy and calmness that come with having your own garden, or the reliability of being able to provide yourself and family with food, or even growing a crop for cash. There are seemingly limitless plants and ways to grow. You can grow both indoors and outdoors and have a successful harvest. If you're interested in plants even a little bit then try it out it could be one of the best decisions of your life.

If you want to grow outdoors obviously you're gardening with soil. Usually it's best to amend your soil; this means added more nutrients vitamins and beneficial bacteria to your soil for a better grow. The only drawback to growing outdoors is being limited to having one or two harvest before the winter months. You're growing under the sun so that means your plants can reach and extreme yield during harvest. You just have to remember that gardening outside needs to be monitored for pests and weather conditions constantly.

Growing indoors is the most common option now of days. There are new inventions and tools for growing constantly being created. This mean that your harvest can improve with every single grow. Just recently water cooled 1500 watt high pressure sodium lights became available. This could grow you well over one pound from one plant, plus the water cooling on the light keeps the grow light cool without overheating your plants. This is just one of the crazy indoor growing devices currently being used by professionals.

You can start out with virtually nothing. All you really need is the knowledge and the plant. The blast place for growing information is certainly online. The internet offers never ending resources for guides, stories and equipment. So if you want too want to change your life then start growing today!

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