Grief Counseling - Examined

Dr. Purushothaman
October 18, 2013

Grief is what we called the condiments in our lives. It is about feelings that will a drag a person to heart aches. It is then consider being one of the most difficult experiences a person can have.

Accordingly, people might think of avoiding it through taking drugs and sometimes not to care about anyone or anything. But it just worsens the situation. Instead, face it with the help of kind friends and family, and it's best to seek for a therapist, it often aims into enlightening experience though it is surely not an exciting one.

There are phases that are elated to grief:

Shock and rejection

A person who suffers these two has a tendency to become emotionless to the reality of the whole scenario and may also repudiate the loss just to protect them from pain.

Pain and Guilt-

Obviously these emotions will occur if you suffer from loss. Taking drugs and alcohol is not an option, actual healing should take place.


Many people will endure anger during the time of grief. There will be cases that family members will yell at each other.


Hopelessness and loneliness will stay for weeks and even months. Family members are longing for the presence of the loved one who passed away.


During this phase, a person in grief is gradually moving on. He may seem calmer and life becomes a little systematized. Here, the brain is functioning and starting to work again.

Acceptance and hope

This is the last stage of grief. Nevertheless, not everyone will get there but in due course the whole situation will make you realize and accept the loss.

Grief Counseling functions through serving grieving individuals work their way through their beliefs, memories, and feeling about the loved that passed away. This is typically intended for stipulating support and ways of change after the loss of loved one. It is a procedure in which they assist people to admit the normal facet caused by grief. It facilitates in expressing individuals' emotions as well as the feeling of bewilderment, relief, seclusion, blues, and worry. It is also beneficial to grieving individual working out innovatively with the problems that come. People might experience harrowing emotions of inefficiency, tiredness, hard to concentrate or focus on things, and so on. If these happen, grief counseling should be the next step to conquer their feeling of extreme grief and move on with life.

You need to cooperate to your grief counselor to surpass the recent emotions. Though counselors cannot numb you to the sorrows you are feeling, they will positively help you answer the predictable problems that you will held to them.

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