Google Glass

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Technology is moving to the higher ends.There are various technologies are moving now with very advanced ideas & views. Now it is better to say that technology is leading this world to some new ends.
More over its a world that is under technical developments. Google is now developing with their latest product which is known as "Google Glass". At first time everyone thought that it will be like any common mobile or visual device which will help to get some basic ideas or similar to that. But Google changed everyone's predetermined thoughts and judgements. In the daily life Google is helping people by providing the latest products to the humanity. Google glass is also one of them with very interesting features and related ideas.

Google glass has a set of ideas and view. In view it is very similar to an ordinary spectacle with some basic design format. But in moving to the internal part it is very intelligent and scientific in all manners. More over it is a matter of fact and ideas. First it has the capability to understand about the views which is in front of it. It will took pictures,analyze it and will give more information about it to the person who is using it in all manners. Capturing and analysis are happening in very less time and due to that it will increase the quality of application also.

Google glass has the ability to send text messages to the persons, as short message services or email etc. Actually it is a very fair device in all manner. Three basic design models are now available. But not in all places. Google is spreading it through various online purchasing platforms with some restrictions. Due to the demand more people are ordering it based on the need. Price is little more than expectation but in coming days it will be available to all person with very less investment. This investment will be a worth because, its a Google product and will give the hundred percentage of result in all manners.

International companies are also waiting for this product for their various applications and usages. More over it is a product of time. It will assist to make calls, understand maps, analyze business ideas and there are no limitation for ideas. In days it will become a best trend in all manner.
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