Goodbye Windows XP Security ! ! !

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Yesterday Microsoft Corp unveiled the last version of security updates for Windows XP. There are various versions are available from the beginning of Windows XP. Most of the XP products, services, quality based ideas are very famous in all over the world.
After the arrival of Windows 7 & 8 there are lots of changes happened in the arrival and application of XP services. Now Microsoft Corporation completely determined to avoid all kinds of updating in XP based operating systems.

With that last version, the developers gave some messages to all the customers about the cyber attacks. The number of cyber attacks is very increasing now in all parts of the world. To avoid that changing into the new versions are very necessary. More and more people are now changing into the new platform of Windows 7 & windows 8. Developers are suggesting a fast changing is necessary to the upgraded levels to avoid all kinds of attacks.

There are various ideas and views are associated with Windows operating systems and related details. Number of customers are very much related to the Microsoft Products. Availability and user interactions are the advanced features of every Microsoft product. Moreover, in the new products Microsoft releasing new updating in every Tuesday which is commonly known as “Patch Tuesday”. But if persons are completely depending only on XP, it will make more problems in the coming days. Moreover, it is fact that complete perfection is not available in the coming days in XP operating systems. More companies are now changing their platforms into the updated versions.

Microsoft is pointing the loopholes in the security issues which may affect the XP users. They are the “reverse engineering” of hackers. By the complete application usage and understanding hackers will easily understand the applications of XP and it's my make problems in the general applications. There is more product based services are coming now and most of them are getting wide response from the market.

According to surveys about 15-20% of the world’s computers are running on XP and it may affect on the computer services if they are hacked. Hacking procedures will affect the whole system and it may ruin the proper functioning of every process. Online security is a mandatory in every services and computer using processes. Applying the best security products will help to avoid all kinds of issues in the products. More other security products are also available in the industry and in the future number of security products will increase. The new change in Microsoft products will help to understand about the new products. Windows 7 & Windows 8 are providing the best security services.
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