God Quotes

Dr. Purushothaman
July 18, 2014
  • The state of your heart dictates whether you harbor a grudge or give grace, seek self-pity or seek Christ, drink human misery or taste God’s mercy.
    Max Lucado
  • The more we love God the more we will obey. The more we obey the more we will be aware of the reality of Christ in our lives. The more we are aware of Christ in our lives, the more victory we will experience. The more victory we experience, the less difficult the choices are and the less conflict we have within ourselves.
    Norma Becker
  • The more we depend on God the more dependable we find He is.
    Cliff Richard
  • Through the clouds of midnight, this bright promise shone, I will never leave thee, never leave thee alone.
  • What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.
    Joseph Scriven
  • We should think of the church as an orchestra in which the different churches play on different instruments while a Divine Conductor calls the tune.
    William R. Inge
  • If God is your partner, make your plans BIG!
    D.L. Moody
  • We shall steer safely through every storm, so long as our heart is right, our intention fervent, our courage steadfast, and our trust fixed on God.
    St. Francis De Sales
  • God knows the secret plan of the things he will do for the world, using my hand.
    Toyohiko Kagawa
  • Without the Way there is no going; without the Truth there is no knowing; without the Life there is no living.
    Thomas A Kempis
  • Most of us wait until we’re in trouble, and then we pray like the dickens. Wonder what would happen if, some morning, we’d wake up and say, “Anything I can do for You today, Lord?”
    Burton Hillis
  • If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.
    St Augustine
  • The worship most acceptable to God comes from a thankful and cheerful heart.
  • Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts, and no one to thank.
    Christina Rossetti
  • There are three stages in the work of God: impossible, difficult,done.
    James Hudson Taylor
  • Our God is at home with the rolling spheres, and at home with broken hearts.
    M. P. Ferguson
  • If God shuts one door, he opens another.
    Irish Proverb
  • All that God requires of us is an opportunity to show what He can do.
    A.B. Simpson
  • A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.
    C.S. Lewis

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