Getting Ready to Meditate: Meditation for Beginners or How to Mediate for Beginners

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


To help you in your journey in meditation it is important to have a regular place to go to for your meditation. I have found through the years that having a routine is helpful. Our bodies, soul and mind seem to respond to this, knowing that it's time to relax, be peaceful, to meditate. So find a place in your home that is comfortable, relaxing and say "this is my place to meditate". It can be anywhere, you bed, a couch, a corner, a chair. Also, put up a sign if you have the possibility of being disrupted. You want people to respect your need to be alone, comfortable and have a quiet place to meditate. What you may find with time is that it doesn't really matter where you meditate because you can get into the here and now with a pair of headphones and "zone out". You can sometimes muffle out the background noise and once you get into that meditative place it doesn't matter what's going on around you.
The nice thing about creating a routine in meditation is that it becomes easier to do with time. So tell your loved ones what you're going to do and I think they'll cooperate. Sometimes you may need to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to take the time to meditate also, but those few extra minutes each day will prove beneficial.
Another thing I find helpful is to do Yoga and stretching to keep from getting too restless during the meditation time. It's best if you can sit still, quietly and calmly throughout the meditation. It's okay if you cannot be still for an extended period of time at first but try to get to that goal and stretching will help your body become more relaxed and ready also.
Eating can sometimes cause problems if you eat just prior to meditation. It makes it more difficult for your stomach to stay quiet and relaxed. It can be done and I have done this but it's a better meditation when I wait and haven't eaten recently. So don't meditate right after you eat if at all possible. A good routine to have is to get up and meditate in the mornings before breakfast and then enjoy your morning meal. In the evening wait until just before bed, allowing dinner to rest and I think you will find it more comfortable than trying to relax and meditate directly after eating.
Clothes are an important aspect of meditation. You have to be comfortable. Wear clothes that are comfortable and stretch, particularly if you're going to stretch or cross your legs during meditation. Comfort is what's most important when it comes to your clothing and meditation.
So the general rules are, find a quiet, comfortable place to meditate. Stretch before you begin. Don't mediate right after eating and always wear comfortable clothing. I think if you combine all of these things together you will find your experience with meditation will go well and you will enjoy and look forward to it. Of course, as all new things often can be, beginning meditation can be challenging. Don't give up. Stick with it and keep trying. I've made many, many adjustments in my meditation throughout the years. Having flexibility and trying new things is important. For a season you may enjoy a guided meditation and then you may want to try the Breath Meditation. Try different things but stick to them for a while. Have a routine. I think you will find your experience with meditation will just get better and better if you follow these suggestions.
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