Getting Motivated and Inspired

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Motivation and Inspiration are two words which seem to have the same meaning. But two words do not mean the same. Inspiration is something we get excited to do something or to be in spirit to do something. It is easy to get inspired and it is short-lived.

Maybe you will find yourself inspired to do something for two or three days. But making it come to pass is something most of us don’t do. For example, we make new resolutions during New Year-maybe to get up early or to do exercise every day. We may dream of doing whatever we plan, in a sudden spirit. But soon, we find that spirit diminishing.

Inspiration will help us get started in something, but you need not complete it without Motivation. Psyching or pushing yourself is called Motivation. To be motivated is hard work. Only tough ones are motivated to do something. When we are motivating ourselves to something, we are really pushing ourselves hard enough or forcing ourselves to do something which we do not really want to do, or which we often think is tough to do.
According at Simon Lawry, Motivation is external, while Inspiration is internal.
Inspiration comes from your mind or inside. To bring a resolution come to pass, we need Motivation. In order to succeed in life, we need self-motivation. The passion to succeed must be from the inside. Just think of your past failures in life. How did you overcome your fall? You just pulled out of that failure. That force which has made you overcome the situation is Motivation. Most people achieve Self-Motivation through deep faith in God. Their belief that God can help them in every difficult situation, will help them in facing a bad situation and they handle that troubled situation in a calm manner.
Inspiration is important factor to get ourselves motivated. If we have a lot of motivations, a lot of work to do, we may not be able to complete a single work, without the right amount of inspiration.
Inspiration is the creative energy which drives us to get motivated. Motivation is impossible without inspiration. Work becomes hard if we are not inspired.When Inspiration comes…get Motivated.

You feel life is stress-free when you are inspired.

You feel everything is possible.

A desire to do something burns you mentally.

You feel your mind is full.

You feel like doing what you are inspired to do, but later understand that the feeling fades out soon.

When you are inspired to do something, make it a point to push yourself or motivate yourself in doing that, provided you have to put extra effort in motivating you.

You will find a lot of people inspired with ideas, but rarely do we find someone motivated.

Let inspiration be a fuel to make a change in you.

Inspiration comes all of a sudden, motivation is a set of behaviors which make the inspiration come to a pass.

When we are inspired, we have to feel that it is an internal factor. We need to make an impact immediately and make it a point to put it into work to achieve your life’s goals.

Never make it a point to use inspiration as a way of wasting your precious time and money into aims which are not of much importance.

Avoid unnecessary inspirations.

When you think you are being inspired to do something, check if it is in your priority list. If not, discard it off immediately.

Motivation is an external force which helps you in gaining your inspiration. Check whether your inspiration is worth enough to be motivated.

When you are motivated, you tend to ignore the obstacles from the society.

How to make the most of Inspiration and Motivation…

Inspire yourself to do better in your life-both in personal life as well as in your official life.

Try to motivate yourself when you are inspired for a matter which is worth. That is to try to act on your inspirations, if you feel they are worthwhile.

Never waste your time on unwanted things in life.

Try to have a capability to make others get inspired. While working in a team, the inspiration you provide can fuel to motivate others in making a project come to success. People are motivated extremely when they work for the same goals.

Change yourself than changing others or your changing your present situation.

Set yourself as a perfect example, so that your co-beings can follow you in doing things perfectly.

Push yourself on giving out your best.

Never try to act that you are perfect. If you are not, then you cannot cope up with a situation properly, then you cannot inspire others.

Strengthen yourself. Fight back in situations, where you feel like you are about to fail.

Be disciplined in life. If you are disciplined, then it will be easy for you to motivate yourself to do something.

Follow strict principles to make yourself able.

Your progress has to be charted.

Try to conquer your fears.

Face your problems with confidence.

Don’t hold back when you fail. Keep going…this is life.

Do work in small portions. You cannot do complete anything altogether. Slow and steady wins the race.

Do not allow any negative comment offend you. People try to put you down, and slow down your energy by telling you “You can’t do it”, or “You are a failure”. Put out those comments apart and work hard for your future and search for new inspirational facts to motivate you.

Clarity of thought is necessary if you need to find the right way.

Focus on you work.

If you want things to be done in discipline, then you have to set a time limit to yourself.

Try to remain cool in irritating situations. But if it irritates you so much, never react…try turning your anger into action. Make it a medium to speed up your work.

Take a vacation when you feel you are not inspired in your work or life, as inspiration is a major factor in motivating yourself to work.


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