Get Moving: Easy Tips to Get Active!

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Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Take the first step. Start with walking! Why? It's easy, it works and it pays!

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It's Easy

Walking is the simplest way to start and continue a fitness journey.
Walking costs nothing to get started.
Walking has the lowest dropout rate of any type of exercise.
Walking is easy and safe.

It Works

Studies show that for every hour of walking, life expectancy may increase by two hours.
Walking for as few as 30 minutes a day provides heart health benefits.
Walking is the single most effective form of exercise to achieve heart health.

It Pays

Physically active people save $500 a year in healthcare costs.
Employers can save $16 for every $1 they spend on health and wellness.
Fitness programs have reduced employer healthcare costs by 20 - 55%.
Reducing just one health risk in the workplace increases productivity by 9%.
Reducing one health risk decreases absenteeism by 2%.

And walking isn't your only option. Try these tips for increasing physical activity wherever you are. You may be surprised at all your opportunities to increase your physical activity every day. Consider carrying this list with you for one day. Check off the ways you notice that you could increase your physical activity.
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity
At Home

It's convenient, comfortable and safe to work out at home. It allows your children to see you being active, which sets a good example for them. You can combine exercise with other activities, such as watching TV. If you buy exercise equipment, it's a one-time expense and other family members can use it. It's easy to have short bouts of activity several times a day. Try these tips:

Do housework yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it.
Work in the garden or mow the grass. Using a riding mower doesn't count! Rake leaves, prune, dig and pick up trash.
Go out for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner or both! Start with 5-10 minutes and work up to 30 minutes.
Walk or bike to the corner store instead of driving.
When walking, pick up the pace from leisurely to brisk. Choose a hilly route. When watching TV, sit up instead of lying on the sofa. Or stretch. Better yet, spend a few minutes pedaling on your stationary bicycle while watching TV. Throw away your video remote control. Instead of asking someone to bring you a drink, get up off the couch and get it yourself.
Stand up while talking on the telephone.
Walk the dog.
Park farther away at the shopping mall and walk the extra distance. Wear your walking shoes and sneak in an extra lap or two around the mall.
Stretch to reach items in high places and squat or bend to look at items at floor level.
Keep exercise equipment repaired and use it!

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