Free Active Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Modern living in a rapid social environment. Most of the time every day living, fight for the family Pump! Most of the time busy through. In the occupational environment rating system because of other reasons not Can do a true self. Have made some not true to their heart's behavior. Barbara handful of people can. Is precisely to return to a true self. But this is also a forward momentum, makes full and hard work, efforts Struggled to lead a life of loyalty to the true self. Follow my heart! Dominate their lives. Not for a living Live the life, yearning to enjoy their lives!
The general features of life in the individual and group behavior in a unique form of expression. Constitute a unique life style of behavior manifestations, mainly by personal interest, hobby, hobbies, values such decisions, the specific expression for people of special habits, manners, temperament and so on. Life style and way of life is the difference between the two concepts: life is an extension of the concept of a greater, although the content of a unique form of human behavior side, but more important is the content of the basic conditions by social constraints and the social norms Guidance and social values of the social form of life activities. Life style is dependent lifestyle concept, reflecting superficial characteristics of people's lives and activities of the general characteristics of the special way of life, the specific nature and diversity of performance. Reflected the characteristics of life style: ① in the social life, how people form Sheng Huo style, not all conscious of the result of conscious choices, including the Hang Wei unconscious performance. ② lifestyle is not expressed in the activities of individual people's lives, and accidental factors, which permeate all aspects of daily life activities of specific individuals and groups is stable repetitive behavior. ③ with the diversity of personality, that is the same as a social type of lifestyle, in different individuals and groups can be expressed in different life style. As human society to a modern civilization and the enhancement of human subjectivity, one manifestation of the more colorful way of life, the more diverse life style.
Because people like to pursue it. Which led to the birth of a different life and culture. A pragmatic style of life, the pursuit of luxury living that is material-oriented way of life, there are simple ways of life saved, more fully follow the self-free lifestyle. In such a variety of life style, my favorite is the free life style. People out of the regulation of society, you can enjoy life as it wishes, of course, the premise is doing is in line with laws and regulations. Free style of life such as: the wandering alone, or as IT practitioners took the free shuttle computers in various cities, understand the local customs and habits, historical sites, etc., not from the community in the life of their own will. Almost makes one nostalgic. freestyleonnet is another free-style network of workers living style and attitude.

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