Four Internal Forces Of Happy Living

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Positive Attitude and desire
There are four internal forces that can be made to work positive for any person who dares to look upon his/her life in all honesty. Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true" and it's just as true today as in his time. The key to controlling the forces of life comes from an honest look at the motivations which drive us and others.

You have but to peer inside yourself and see if these four traits stand out or are obscured.

1. The force of integrity: Trustworthiness. Integrity is personal and the only trait in man/woman that can't be taken away it has to be surrendered.
2. The force Ethics: Societies moral standards that govern right and wrong conduct.
3. The force of Health: Physical and mental health is essential to one's well being.
4. The force of Social Station, or where you fits within society.

It's Everyone's Dream
When these forces are observed in the total being, an image of a promising, happy person emerges. When referring to a winning individual, people like to refer to "high-moral standards" as a decoration of forth righteousness. In this context, a person's dealings are valued for the depth of honesty he/she adapts into his/her actions. Also as a individual, he/she becomes an icon and sets highly infectious standards for all to follow.

You must be true to yourself, never sacrifice your integrity or your sense of ethics, for the sake of expediency. You must be vigorous and robust in your personal relationships and work as well.

Desire Is A Motivating Factor
What desires motivates people to achieve the highest standards? Once you understand what motivates you it becomes a matter of choice. You choose to strive toward excellence, be the best you can be and never give up. As you begin to understand the driving force within as it urges you to seek excellence by climbing to the top of the latter, you will also begin to experience a whole new you. This is when the switches that control the four forces go to "on" and nothing can keep you from turning the resulting power into success.

There's A Sleeping Giant Within
Like a waking giant, you are experiencing a newness... a power never before known. Your inner self is struggling for release and you are about to unleash it. What does freedom mean? A furry of activity is spinning in your head and the possibilities are becoming clear. Here are six steps that will help set you apart as you experience a new sense of freedom on your journey to successful living.

1. ambition - The motivator, your driving force that calls for reaching superior heights.
2. focus - The target, this is what you are aiming at. The center of your attention.
3. tenacity - The forging forward until the job is completed.
4. information - the all knowing truth about your journey.
5. action - The energy factor that powers your vehicle to the end.
6. completion - The reward. Knowing and enjoying the results of your labor.

Without ambition there is no internal drive. You must have ambition to get ahead and succeed. Simply put, ambition is striving to increase. To increase is to break out of your shell and experience life as your creator designed for you.

Will It Ever Happen?
Alas, it will never happen. Sorry what was meant for you will never be. You will keep on going on, exactly as you have always done. You will continue to be dissatisfied with your mediocre life but you will not do anything about it. Why?? Why do you allow preconditioning and circumstances to dictate how your life will be played out? Are you a victim or a willing participant?

When will enough be enough? When will you look up and see the light that has been there all along. There is no tunnel, no darkness, only self made blindness! You have become blinded from the truth so slowly that you don't know you can't see. At this stage, you wouldn't recognize truth if it stood right before you. You not only can't see it, you don't know you should be looking for it. Truth has become obscured and defies all rationalization in the mind. You believe because you experience. What you observe as life is what it will always be. To change would upset your belief system.

If You Dare To Be Great!
So there you are. Not a pretty picture is it? Like all motivational programs state, "it's up to you!" That's right, nothing has changed, we are still on the same marry-go-round, called life. The brass ring is still hanging as before and no one dares to reach for it.

Enjoy life, it's the only one you have.

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