For Long Term Relationships Look at the Whole Package

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Using online dating sites when you are looking for a long term relationship is a brilliant way of getting a quick result. Not only do dating services save you from going out night after night in the hope that you just might come across Mr or Mrs Right but they enable you to find profiles which match specific criteria and provide you with a far better chance of progressing towards a long term relationship.
If you want a serious long term relationship you have to be far more careful in your selection than if you were just out for a bit of fun. A one night stands or a short term fling doesn't really require much more than a level of attraction but if you want to progress towards a relationship that is more long term you need to start considering such things as compatibility and ability to commit.
For a start there is no point dating someone who has made it quite clear that they aren't looking for anything complicated just in the hope that they might come around to your way of thinking and allow the relationship to progress in the long term. Quite often those out looking for a bit of fun just love the excitement of a new relationship and once the 'honeymoon' period is over they just move on to the next one. The chance of getting such a person to knuckle down and commit to a long term relationship is quite slim.
Then there are those who absolutely love themselves. They post brilliant profiles on the dating sites which draw in those who read them like flies to a magnet. They are usually out to attract partners as 'stunning' as they are and are rarely into commitment and long term relationships. For them a relationship is often nothing more than a bauble that can be easily replaced after a period of time and are unlikely to be the kind of person that you would want to have or could expect to have a long term relationship with.
If you are seriously out for a long term and meaningful relationship use online dating profiles to the full. Get to know a person through what they have to say and the way they say it, check out likes and dislikes, look for common interests and check out if they are in the market for a long term relationship as well. Do your groundwork then if you are interested in what you see make initial contact.
Don't just base your judgement on looks and looks alone. To make a long term relationship work you have to appreciate and be in tune with the whole person. A compromise on appearance and an appreciation of character, personality and individual charm could mean that you will have a far more fulfilling relationship and a greater chance of making a long term relationship work.
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