Five A Day for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


With the change of seasons our bodies experience a shift in energy. To compliment the five a day in our diet, we can enhance our mind, body and soul with the five senses.
1. Taste
The great thing about healthy food is that it doesn't have to be boring. Enjoy the mouth-watering zest of fresh fruit. Pineapples discovered in 1493 by Europeans have exceptional juiciness and a vibrant tropical flavour that balances the tastes of sweet and tart, plus they are full of antioxidants meaning good things for your skin. Pineapples are second only to bananas as America's favourite tropical fruit.
Relatives to peaches, apricots are small, golden orange fruits, with velvety skin and flesh, not too juicy but definitely smooth and sweet. Some describe their flavour as almost musky, with a faint tartness that lies somewhere between a peach and a plum.
On the darker side increase your serotonin with some dark chocolate. It contains phenylethylamine, the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you're falling in love.
2. Touch
Every now and then we need to release suppressed feelings and emotions.
Discover the benefits of Reiki and  touch. Known to help reduce stress, assist with relaxation and relieve pain, this ancient practice helps you rejuvenate at an inner level. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It works by "laying on hands" and is based on the unseen "life force energy" flowing through us, bringing life.
Reiki can harmonise your mind, body and soul with the power of its tingling touch. It works for all ages and is like being healed by the universe. Why not learn the power of Reiki and discover how to heal others?
3. Smell
A scent can conjure a feeling you love or bring back a moment in time. I have a perfume that takes me back 20 years every time I wear it. I have added a few of my favourite essential oils, which include healing and therapeutic qualities to lift your spirit...
Jasmine Grandiflorum from Morocco is stimulating, mood lifting, relaxing and emotionally warming.
Lemongrass Adropogon citratus from India is a stimulating tonic, great for the nervous system. With a fresh scent it cleanses and revitalises the body, great for the bath and overall healing.
Rose Rosa danascena, centifolia, gallica from Turkey, Morocco, Bulgaria and France. A sedative tonic - calming and mood lifting. It has a deep harmonious effect, great for the heart and skin.
4. Look
Surround yourself with the simplicity of nature. From the expansive ever moving stars and sky to simply taking time to sit and view life around you. See the colours around and how they make you feel. Blue can bring feelings of relaxation, pink is for love, red stimulates passion, yellow vitality, white purity, green healing and purple for increased spirituality. For abundance focus on or wear some gold.
5. Listen
From flowing ocean waves to birds singing or your favourite artist playing, sound can have a big effect from helping you relax, increase your energy or move you in another direction. A calming tune can be heaven for one person yet have the opposite effect on another.
Practise mindfulness - before speaking really hear whats around you, think before you react. A yoga or meditation class will enhance this sense and help you be in the now.

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