Fit Mind Program Review

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Discover How You Can Instantly Double Your Weight Loss Results,When You Unlock The
Power Of The 4 Simple Strategies We Give You On This Very Page
With the Revolutionary Fit Mind Program,you can now lose weight once and for all!

Dear Friend,

Making the decision to change your eating,your weight and your life?

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?

Sick of self-sabotaging great results?

If you could change poor habits with beneficial ones,would you?

What if all you have to do is to sit back,relax and allow your mind to work for you
...would you?

If you could guarantee your investment and results at the would do it!

The reason 90% of people fail in weight loss is due to an inability to master their

FitMind Gives You The 4 Strategies you MUST Employ to Ensure You Never fail with
weight loss again.
Bottom line,we have been creating programs that yield incredible results for years
and the FitMind formula is by far our most cutting edge program to date.

Wendy lost 40 kilos!She loves being fit and healthy and feeling fantastic!
I had always struggled to lose weight.Each year I would voice my New Year's
resolutions with a drink in my hand,after I had eaten way too much party food.
Sometimes I would even go as far as to write down my New Year's Resolution,but
still no change.I didn't have the right resources around me.I needed to make
the changes I wanted to make.I didn't have the tools I needed to enable me to
change my though processes,to give me the confidence I needed to change my circle
of influence and the people I had around me.

I knew I had to make a change.I enlisted the help of Stuart,and using the FitMind
processes,I mastered my mind and motivation.These processes,along with the
education and constant support from my Personal Trainer Nathan from Vision Personal
Training Hamilton,have helped me to lose 40 kilos.Exercise is now a part of me
and what I do,I still regularly go to the gym and I now run 3 times a week.I love
being fit and healthy and feeling fantastic!

Wendy Clarke
The FitMind 4 Step Program

FitMind is a powerful 4 step program designed to provide you with all of the tools
necessary to make permanent changes and guarantee your success.

Component 1:Awareness
This allows you to understand where you are starting from.We look at where you
will be,what has been stopping you and what needs to be resolved in order to allow
your potential to be achieved.When you understand how decisions,generally are
driven by emotions,effect weight,eating and actions,you will open up a simple
path toward change.

What we focus on is why you are in your situation,how to overcome excuses,your
destination,diet vs eating plan and why this is different?

Component 2:Change
This section we get into the unconscious mind to alter habits,beliefs and
behaviours.This can be a challenging part in normal weight loss and lifestyle
change!With FitMind,you are in control.When others feel like making excuses,you
will be fighting them.This is where the past thought and actions are challenged
and where external factors of friends,family and situations will be noticeable in a
different way.You may find people around you supporting you or wanting to limit
you because your success will question their actions.

You will learn to change habits,urges,self sabotage,emotional habits,that fuel
is a fuel only,how to stop when you have had enough and smaller portions

Component 3:Integrate
Awareness allows change,change deepens and becomes automatic.This is integration.

In this step,you will begin to notice changes in attitude,reactions and shape!
Your confidence will be growing daily.We have successfully removed the emotional
connection to the experiences that put you in a situation where you felt the need to
gain weight or turn to food for comfort.

The processes within this step are empowering and relaxing.They open the future
and close the past.At this stage you may or may not be aware of the previous
thoughts,actions and emotions you used to experience.

You will learn how changes become automatic,how to be emotionally in control,
become aware of self changing,become empowered to make new decisions and how to
focus toward a target.

Component 4:Mastery
In the Mastery sessions,we "future pace" you.We focus on the future and arm you
with the tools and the motivation to continue your success.

This is the preventative maintenance for your mind.Regular listening will keep you
on track and when you are "on a roll",this is when you need to come back to this
program as you begin to experience life at a different level.

This new success will bring about a new awareness of those around you (your circle
of influence).Mastery is empowerment.You will be given the resources to pre-arm
yourself in different situations,both good and bad.

Just $49 AU

Order Today And Receive Everything You Need to FINALLY Lose Weight once and for all!
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Enjoy FitMind and look forward to hearing your results,

Stuart and Mireille

P.S.If you would like to have the FitMind team of Stuart and Mireille come and
present to your team....send us an email at

Q.Why is this different from everything I have tried before?
The FitMind Program is different to anything you have done before because it
focuses on the EUR emotions not diet.How you think is who you are!We focus on
removing the connection to food and attaching it to the outcome.Rather than
pushing you through exercise,we empower you to take charge.This program is
created by 2 industry professionals who are in thew business of changing lives
forever,not just for 9 weeks!

Q.I am only a beginner when it comes to exercise,will this work for me?
This is the perfect time to use this system and the processes involved.Everyone is
a beginner at some point of time,therefore you will have no preconceived opinions
and ideas about what to expect.Starting as a beginner can actually be better.The
introduction,the workbook and the processes are all designed with what I deal with
daily with new clients.Thousands of clients have come to me with similar..if not
worse issues and these processes have been evolving daily as I find those that give
fast and long lasting change.

Just $49 AU

Q.Will I lose weight,only to gain it back on again?
The FitMind processes can actually allow you to lose weight without exercise!
Combine it with exercise and the weight will be off forever.

In my professional clinical practice,I have found the only reason people gain
weight is due to emotional connections to the past.If it were due unwanted
attention,old beliefs about food,perception about habits and behaviours modeled
from people of influence.The FitMind processes attack the excuses,the self
sabotage,fears and doubts that people use.Mireille and I have hear just about
every excuse!The way your mind works is that all the information will stay in
memory,if you find yourself noticing thoughts that are not positive,you have then
program to return to at any time.Every person will experience change through
FitMind,some quickly,other's slower.

Q.What if I don't have much weight to lose,will this program still help me?
Absolutely!This program is similar to a client having 3 x 1 hour sessions in my
clinic.Every client I work with,even the elite athletes and entrepreneurs use
these same processes.Even if you did not need to lose any weight,the motivation,
clarity,emotional management and what you will learn from this will change your

Just $49 AU

Q.I want to start right away.Do I have to wait for it to be shipped to me?

No,the great thing is that as soon as you purchase,you will gain access to the
entire FitMind program.No need to wait for shipping.You can download it
straight to your computer.

NOTE:FITMIND consists of downloadable MP3s and an E-Book.No physical product will
be shipped.After you order,you will get receive access to the Fitmind program to
download the MP3 recordings and the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer.
The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF,which can be viewed on MAC or PC.

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