Finding Life Purpose in a World Full of Confusion

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

So how is finding life purpose going to benefit you and make your life improve? Don't think it's worth the effort? Think again...
By knowing what it is you're here for, or at least, being able to read the messages that the universe sends you about finding life purpose in your life is a major breakthrough.
Have you ever been working at something, or talking to someone about a certain subject or doing a certain enjoyable activity and you've found that time stands still because you enjoy it so much?
Well that's commonly known as the zone in sports, and in life it's living with passion or finding life purpose. Once you have this beautiful area of almost meditative bliss in your life, where you go down through the quite and inside yourself to that special place, where doing what it is you love to do is literally making you better and better, rather than what most people experience with their jobs, life and relationships, which tends to make them sicker and sicker of life.
I mean who literally looks forward to Monday mornings, awake bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the day with passion and flair?... Not many right?
And you can only guess how many would not be looking forward to getting up and going to a job, school or a role they dismally dislike.
Once you begin finding life purpose you will never feel bad about what it is you do again. I'm not saying there won't be any trials or stumbling blocks in your life, as there most certainly will be, but instead of not looking forward to them, you'll be welcoming them into your life with passion and enthusiasm.
Now finding life purpose for some is quite difficult and it doesn't need to be, some of you might be thinking well it's ok for you, because you're already making good money online full time and that's what you love to do, and yes it is, even more so I love to help people like yourselves find the resources and take action on implementing them into your lives, so you can be as enriched as I truly feel.
It's not hard to find your life's purpose, lets get down to some practical steps to really finding life purpose as it stands for you:
1. List on a sheet of paper what things you love to do in your spare time, without being paid to do them.
2. What do you do well, above anything else (there should be one outstanding thing).
3. What type of people do you mix with and or attract into your life on a consistent basis?
4. What patterns in your life do you find happen to you again and again?
5. How do you feel when your under pressure doing the things you love doing?
I ask questions like this, so you can begin to understand what makes you tick, what you would attempt if you knew you couldn't fail and had unlimited money and resources, the personality of your dreams to get that particular thing done that you'd love to do.
If finding life purpose this way is still difficult for you, then you need to go a step further and go deep inside yourself.
I would recommend some meditation music such as Holysync or Harmonic Ascension audios from their respective websites to take you deep down and put you in a creative state, the harmonic ascension audios are excellent for this purpose.
Once you hit this peaceful place after about 10 minutes just take you mind off the main focus and explore the realms of wherever your mind takes you... Relax...
This may take you hours, days, months or in my case years to find the one fun life purpose track that you desire, but once you find your life purpose and begin living it, putting action towards making it a reality, you will become addicted to how good it makes you feel.
It took me 4 years in finding life purpose for myself, but now that I have it, it becomes clearer and clearer and more fun each day.
Firstly I thought that I wanted to be an IT consultant and help people with their computers, then it was helping beginners on their new computers and I made many friends that way.
But over time a recurring pattern keet happening to me, and I was always drawn towards coaching people in a sales environment, and I enjoyed that even more, until I manifested a business doing sales coaching for people all around the world.
Then it went even deeper, I always found myself looking into peoples Psychology and what makes them tick, as well as the metaphysical and spiritual reasoning behind it... Until I finally arrived at my current position of life / business coach utilizing the 12 laws of the universe (not just that of law of attraction) and teaching this to people who are open to it, along with the 21 sub-laws.
This is a topic that I feel so happy in delving into, I can spend days writing on it and researching it, literally without eating much or doing anything other, it's like I go into a world or universe of my own, it's magic and bliss for me. And on top of this bliss I get rewarded with income from doing what I'm passionately in love with.
Now that's finding life purpose to the enth degree and being completely and utterly fullfilled by it. And I know you can do the same, and it's a journey that you need to be patient with, surrender to and "allow" it gently to happen, and it will.

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