Find Your Life Purpose Using 144 Minutes to Solid a Connection

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

What do you see that interested you in the title of this article? The numerologist in the crowd will have a field day with the number. Twelve times twelve, combined equals nine, etc etc. The word connection got your attention?
Truth be told it's not that complicated. There is no hidden meaning, however, there is a deep one.
It came to my attention that most people only have scattered moments in their life when they feel a solid connection to Spirit [God, universe, greater power, source, whatever you call it] and in the flow of Life and living. Sound familiar?
Well, my friend you are in very good company! I have had the opportunity to work with and counsel folks who on the surface you might consider "unsuccessful" on one side of the pendulum and "very successful" on the other. And through the spectrum there was a consistent theme. Those who felt a solid connection with Spirit more often than not could be described as Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. While those who only had momentary glimpses or didn't feel any connection at all tell me that they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. In others words, problem after problem with no solution in sight. Some are so deep into that thinking that the "light at the end of the tunnel" is a train coming the other way.
Not a very good place to live. So how does one make that solid connection?
The first thing to know is that in TRUTH you are never separate. You are always one with Spirit.
Having said that, here comes the 144. For the purpose of this article that represents 2.4 hours of the 24 hours in our day. Aha, ten percent! Yep. By spending 10% of your TIME in seeking and maintaining a solid connection with Spirit you can accomplish everything you desire. You will receive the guidance and direction you need to BE who you want to be, DO what you love to do and HAVE all the treasures of the kingdom.
"Wait a minute, Rob, you just don't understand. I don't have 10 minutes much less 2.4 hours to spare."
I know, I've heard that one before. And I'm not saying that you should put the whole time frame in one lump. As a matter of fact, you will enjoy Life more and become more productive when you break it up. Here are some ideas to embrace.
1. Spend as much time outdoors as possible each day. Go to the country, a city park, a walk through your neighborhood or a visit to your backyard. Allow the wind, sun and rain affect you, touch you.
2. Take time to enjoy silence. By being still you can hear Spirit when it speaks to you. I spend 6 minutes of every hour at work to put aside all the paperwork, telephone calls and discussions to be still.
3. Hang out with people focused on the same intention as you: expanding their awareness, opening their heart and activating their higher frequencies. You can do this through friends and many social or spiritual groups. The more you participate in life, the more life will flow through you.
The more experimentally convincing it becomes to you that you are connected with Spirit and in charge of your own energy the more you will keep your attention focused on the truth of your own Connection with Spirit You become self-sustaining. You authentically offer others the space to be just as they are. You become more able to give the gift of total acceptance, unconditional love. Life becomes a lot more fun!

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