Few healthy habits for youngsters

healthy habits for youngsters

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Each and every body knows that health is the most precious thing in our life. Without good health, we cannot live. A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy living. Health is a thing that we should care from our early childhood. As for us and Adult is concerned the prime importance should be given to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle habits for ultimate well-being. Here we are providing some very simple and easy to practice habits which will boost your health and wellness.
1. Enjoy the Nature in its totality.
Nature provides us everything that we need. We should make a habit to live with the nature in the most natural way. If we are living like that we will be bestowed with all the blessings of our mother nature.
2. Try to find sufficient sleep daily.
It is scientifically proved that 6 to 8 hours of good quality sleep is highly essential for keeping your body and mind healthy for ever.
3. Find time to enjoy with family and loved ones.
Always we should find specific time to be with our family, friends, relatives and loved ones. To be with them is really enjoyed and exiting.
4. Freedom from Addictions.
We should get freedom from alcohol drinking and Smoking in special. Addictions and substance abuse can ruin your health. Quit your smoking forever now itself.
5. Depend on Homemade Foods always.
Except for emergency situations like travelling and the like always make it a habit take Home made Foods. Actually, you can take cooking as a hobby. Cooking at home is also a happiness booster. It is a fact that we will accept and appreciate our own foods more than anything else.
6. Take more Fruits and Vegetables.
The major quantity of our food should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. In all medical studies it is shown that persons who live on more fruits and vegetables have a long and healthy life span.
7. Avoid Aerated waters.
Drinking synthetic waters and sodas is really detrimental to our health. These artificial drinks contain various preservatives and that will produce harm to our digestive system.
8. Take a lot of Pure water.
Drinking 4 to 6 Litres of water per day really cleans our whole system by eliminating the daily toxins through Urine and Presperation. Water drinking de-toxify our body.
9. Find time for Exercise.
We should find time for regular exercise. Doing regular exercise keeps our body fit and stable. Regular exercise is very essential to activate our brain function also. It is better to do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercises in the morning.
10. Practise regular breathing exercise.
Practising systematic deep breathing exercise for 10 minutes twice a day keeps your respiratory system and body fits. Deep respiration is a real booster to your immunity. It enhances your circulation, it oxygenates every cell and tissue of our body.
11.Have regular medical check up.
Always have appropriate medical check up whenever a physical or medical problem occurs. You should be particular to undergo necessary medical & allied investigations periodically. Alongwith that regular dental check up is also essential.
12.Always have safe sex.
You should not indulge in unsafe sex. You should be very particular in selecting your sex partner.
13. Don't spend more time in watching TV.
Spending more time on the TV screen is detrimental to our physical and mental health.
14. Don't take unnecessary medications.
You should make it a habit to reduce the intake of over the counter medicines. You should not take unnecessary antibiotics for simple ailments.
15. Make meditation a part of your life.
We should spend at least 10 to 20 minutes twice daily, sitting alone and practising meditation. Practising meditation is one of the most beautiful thing that one can do in life. Meditation will boost your creativity, health, total well-being and spiritual journey. Meditation is the key for a harmoneous and happy life.

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