Exploring The Concept Of Life Coaching

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


The concept of Life has become very popular today due to the many institutes offer services and training. Despite its increased popularity, however, not many people understand what the process entails. There are similarities between and counseling, but the two professions are not the same. Most professional counselors have acquired years of education and training plus a license to operate in their field. They also have liability insurance to protect them from lawsuits that may arise in the course of their treatments. Life coaches are not required to have a license, but many coaches do become certified as proof of their abilities to serve in this profession. Coaches can also apply for life insurance to protect themselves and their business from dissatisfied clients.
Unlike counselors who tell their clients what to do, coaches operate as motivators to help their clients achieve their objectives. Many people have a general idea of what they want to do in life but need direction and guidance on how to move forward in accomplishing their goals. The job of a coach is to help their clients become more focused so they can make the progress they desire on a personal or professional basis.
A typical coaching session consists of a coach asking his client questions to guide him in finding solutions and answers to the difficulties he faces. Through his client's responses, a coach can assess the roadblocks holding him back from making progress in his life. He can then strive to help him overcome these roadblocks to achieve his objectives. This procedure takes time and effort on both the part of a coach and client. However, the positive results can be quite satisfying. There is also the risk, however, of clients being dissatisfied with a coach's services. A disgruntled client may even feel his coach's input was detrimental to his life. As a result, he may seek compensation for mental or emotional damages. This is where life coaching insurance can come in handy to protect a coach from this eventuality.
A good coach will motivate his client to make necessary changes for progress. However, it is the client's initiative, hard work and commitment to his cause that will determine his success. Life coaching is a process to help people overcome obstacles in their lives that impede them from gaining victories and moving forward. However, it is the client who determines the outcome of his future by the positive decisions he makes to change, grow and stretch in any given area of his life.
The fees of a life coach depend much on the coach's experience, training and the course you are taking. Fees will often vary from coach to coach, but may range anywhere from $50 per hour upwards. Some of the different lines of coaching include health and wellness coach, career coach, Christian life coach, executive coaching, performance coaching, skills coaching and more. Life coaching insurance can be acquired for any one of these lines to protect a coach's interests.

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