Exercise is the bind for mind,body and spirit

Runner feet sunrise

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Exercise is the bind for mind, body, and spirit.
This lack of movement not only affects your physical health.
Exercise is the natural way to get you mind, body, and spirit
working together.The actual time spent exercising calls upon a few
eastern philosophies that are becoming more and more accepted in
North America. We have all heard about 'living in the moment',
'Zen', and 'Yin/Yang'. Many of us have read countless books and
articles about they're importance to simplifying life so that we
make room for happiness. However, most of us don't know where to
start. Exercise is a perfect starting point.Here is a simple
introduction to what is going on when you exercise and a suggestion
on how you should think.
When doing a pushup you are not just lifting your body off of the
You are......
1) Living in the moment...A great starting point to this very
important facet to a happy life. As you lift your body you should
feel your muscles react. As well you may feel a few tendons stretch,
bones crack, and the blood rushing through your arms.This
realization and connection to what is going on in your body is true
'living in the moment'.
2) Zen.....As you lift your body slowly you should empty your mind
and concentrate on your breath. Breath out slowly as you raise your
body, completing the exhale at the top of the movement. Then, slowly
lower your body and inhale, filling your lungs at the bottom of the
movement.This simple form of concentrating on the breath is a great
introduction to one of the basic concepts of practicing Zen.
3) Yin/Yang.....Feeling the hard muscles move the body, then
completely relaxing after each set helps you understand the
hard/soft aspects of life. Brute strength is needed to get the body
moving, and complete relaxation is necessary to continue the
exercise for a set duration or time.
As you can see, getting enough exercise is not about vanity.
Exercise binds mind, body, and spirit second by second as you go
through your motions. This alone is a good enough reason to
exercise. The stronger the connection the better you feel. To get
the mind concentrating on the simple functions of the body, therefore
taking away the everyday cluttered thoughts in life, puts you on the
road to living in the moment and truly enjoying your own company.


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