Exactly Whose Life Purpose, or Dharma, Are You Living?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


If you are not living your life on purpose, then you must be living it accidentally. People who live accidentally ALWAYS end up settling for less than satisfactory lives.

So how about living your life with purpose and on purpose? Besides, you will sleep better at night knowing just who the person is you're sleeping with every night. In other words, you will know yourself thoroughly and intimately.

Your Personal Compass and a Life of Purpose.

Life has targets and distractions. The clearer you are about what and where your targets are, the better shot you have at hitting them. Likewise, the sharper your awareness of any distractions in or around your life, the easier it is to avoid them.

Living a life of purpose and on purpose means forming a clear definition of your primary life target: Your Life Purpose. It's knowing who you are, why you're here, and what it is you're to do with this life of yours. Your life purpose becomes your personal compass which gives your life direction, and thereby creates a purposeful life.

People who don't know their life purpose often find themselves chasing the dreams of others, or doing what they think others think they should do. This is referred to as an inherited purpose.

Such people live a life based on assumption, presumption, and old programming. These are all distractions from one's true self; and being distracted results in an unfulfilled life full of co-dependent relationships and unsatisfactory career paths. Essentially this means you're living according to other people's values and purpose.

So let me ask you - are you living according to other people's values and purpose or YOUR OWN???

Next question: What is Your Dharma?

Living your life on purpose allows your personal compass to direct you toward fulfilling your life purpose. When you're on your intended path, you're in dharma, which is an old Sanskrit word which Webster's Dictionary defines as: an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law; the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence; conformity to one's duty and nature.

Your Dharma is what you were born to be.

It's what your DNA makeup has programmed you to be; and it's the path of life on which you'll achieve the greatest degree of happiness, success, and fulfillment, AND where you'll also have the most impact on humankind.

Dharma is like wearing a pair of comfortable shoes. You feel good in them because they fit you so well. When you're out of dharma, and you find yourself off your intended path, it's like wearing a pair of shoes which are too tight, too restricting and uncomfortable; you feel miserable wearing them.

When you're in dharma, all of your talents and energy emerge and converge to produce positive effects for you and all of those around you. You can't help but exude qualities of passion, peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

As a result, you'll naturally practice patience, honesty, compassion, self-control, forgiveness and reason. Likewise, living in your Dharma will also help you let go of unnecessary anger, resentment, judgment, envy, greed and jealousy.

You and everyone around you benefits from your dharma. There may be times when it seems as if you're going against what others want you to do, but by being in and true to your dharma...

You're actually creating what's best for everyone - yourself and others.

Many people live their entire lives without being in dharma or on their intended path. There's absolutely no joy in this. To live the greatest life you're capable of living you need to know who you are and where you're going, As a result, the choices of what to do become much clearer.

So take a moment to think about your dharma shoes - are they comfortable and fit just right or are they too tight or too loose? Live on Purpose and your journey will be a comfortable one.

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