Everyday Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

Everyday spirituality is found within all of us. From your first day on this earth you have been influenced by the ideas of society telling you what kind of person you should be. These ideas and life events molded and shaped you into who you are today. Your inner spirit has taken a back seat crowded out by all these ideas and notions of who you are and how to live your life. Seeing Spirituality Everyday Look past the physical, look beyond it into each individual's spiritual center. Use your awareness to recognize it in all beings. The best way to begin is to set the mood by just think of the people and things that make you happy: your loved ones the sounds of happy children the sounds of nature on a quiet spring day a neighborly act of kindness a peaceful time for meditation reading a good book or inspirational story listening to your favorite music You can and will experience an "aaah haaa" moment when you come to rediscover your own inner spirituality and that of the world around you. If you recognize all the good in your life and give it attention and recognition you will experience the spirituality that surrounds you everyday. Spirituality is all around you, what is spirituality? I like this definition of spirituality: "Spirituality is that which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things." Spirituality touches that part of you that is not dependant on material things or physical comforts. You can bring spirituality into your everyday life. You can find it in everyone you encounter and everywhere you go. We are all spiritual beings deep within, if you look beyond the trappings of this material world. If you do this you will see spirituality in your everyday life. Build Your Awareness of Everyday Spirituality Make a note to yourself that as you go through everyday tasks and events you will remember to find the spiritual aspects of whatever it is you are doing. Bring your awareness into the here and now, you are not thinking ahead or thinking of what has past, you are in the moment. Practicing being completely in the moment is an excellent way to build your awareness of spirit. Choosing to see the good in all people and things is the way to tune into your spirit within. You will no doubt encounter people that make it difficult to recognize their inner spirit. Everyone has a spiritual center; it is just that some are not ready to open to that part of their being yet. But your recognition of it and the way you treat that individual can help open that door for them if only a little bit, you have made a difference in that person's life. Listen to the voice within the voice of your inner spirit and it will guide you to take right action every time. Live Your Best Life Now! Make today a new beginning live in and through your spiritual center. Remember the small things in life that truly make you smile. When you find yourself in a negative frame of mind just recall the things that make you happy. The positive events and people in your life will help diminish the affects of that negativity. It is not an easy task but with practice it will become second nature and you will gain so much. Your life will start to evolve into the life you've dreamed of. Take one step at a time build your awareness of everyday spirituality by recognizing it in the people and things around you. Start living your best life now, start recognizing the spirit in you, and the spirituality that surrounds you. http://www.livingwordsofwisdom.com http://www.livingwordsofwisdom.com/the-voice-within.html About the Author I've always wanted to know "why" am I here what is the purpose of my being on this earth in this body. In the 70s, with the big "new age" movement going on, Yoga was becoming popular. Fast forward to today, and here I am writing and sharing. Article Source: http://goarticles.com/article/Everyday-Spirituality/1349831/

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